Annoying rubberbanding/rollback/desync introduced with the March 24th patch

No clue what was changed, but I often get pulled back into attacks and hit by them from very far away since that patch. It’s gotten even more apparent after today’s maintenance. I have 31-47 ping at all times, so that should not be an issue. People in my guild are also experiencing this same problem.

This issue coupled with the ignored mouse input bug is making the game more and more unplayable. I don’t know how much it needs to be said, but these patches that fix almost none of the gameplay issues and keep hyper-focusing on honing are becoming a major hindrance and ruining the game for me. SSD load times are still broken two months later, which results in standing around for a long time waiting for NPCs or the instanced queue objects to load.

No clue who is to blame, but I heard really great things about Smilegate. However, they’ve been a massive letdown when it comes to fixing anything of importance in this version. Unfortunately, I really could not care less about consumable item chest changes when stuff like this isn’t being addressed or even acknowledged.


I have had a lot of problems with rubberbanding since that patch too (March 24)…

It has caused me a load of problems when fighting bosses. Like hitting the boss with a weapon/skill, I can hear it, but it only hits seconds later.

This causes huge problems as I am lagging behind what is going on…

So you are not the only one… And yes, its time for these issues to be fixed.


CAN you dumb feks in the company address these issues at alll? nothings being done also people getting banned on lost ark discord from ppl making false claims against them. Terrible run community imo