Another 1302 Gear Post

There should be a solution to the 1302 gear situation where you can get stuck praying for a specific armor piece drop from Punika Star 1 Chaos Dungeon and it does not come, sometimes more than 1 day in a row. I raised my war dancer using the express pass and it does not feel good doing chaos dungeons 2 days in a row at t3 and not getting the last piece I need to hit 1302.

Possible solutions:

My favorite one is for the Punika story to provide a full set of blue 1302 gear with no tripods upon completion.

A partial solution could be to change the ilvl lock out to 1200 but I don’t think this is a good solution as it only indirectly addresses the issue and has other complications like how would you handle armored nacrasena in that instance?

Finally, the trade restrictions could be removed on blue chaos dungeon gear. I think the punika story reward is a better solution than this logically, but I think removing the trade restriction is more realistic because you don’t have to code armor rewards into the punika story. We are past the point where being able to buy level 1 tripods would matter. It’s ok to remove these restrictions now.

I’m sure you guys get topics like these all the time, but I feel I need to point it out because the upsides to the current situation are effectively zero but there is real downside in the chance for players to feel bad about not being able to do anything as they wait for their last 1302 equip to drop.

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out of 7 chars my last one was the only one which didn’t get a full set from 2 rounds of chaos dungeons. which is funny cuz i also got like 10 pairs of skirts from those 2 runs.

Just experienced this two minutes ago. This is disgusting oversight. So now I can’t play until I get each piece from aura chaos dungeons? Stupid.