Another character restoration? (Final)


I was wondering if its possible to restore another character of mine that I deleted. I already had one restored this week but was wondering if its possible to do it once more since I have one last slot available.

Just in case, her name was Ventressa, Demon Hunter from Agaton, South America.

Thank you!

Hello @cagnotti.uriel !

I can help you with the character restore! However i see 2 deleted demonic characters with the name Ventressa on Agaton.

Can you please provide me the character level of the one you want restored?

I’ll wait for your answer :mage:

Thank you!

She was on tier 1, I guess level 51 or level 50, cant quite remember
She had dark skin and black/red hair (Dont know if you can see her, but just in chase)

It’s done @cagnotti.uriel !

I have restored your character Ventressa, level 50 shadowhunter. Can you please confirm if this was the character you wanted?

You may need to restart the game in order to see it again in the character selection!

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Yes, she was indeed!

Thank you a lot Sapphiron, hope you have a great rest of the day!

No problem @cagnotti.uriel !

Let me know if you need further assistance!

Farewell! :man_mage:

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