Another class cadence post

support shortage but no artist
releasing artist on hard brel week (why?)
new class brings high engagement


Artist wont fix or help with the support shortage at endgame.




I’ll give you that it won’t be the one stop fix, but to say it won’t help at all is wrong.

I agree with OP’s points.

More support classes. Getting the one we don’t have sooner would be best. Would love for SG to make more support classes but that’s not really something we can influence when it’ll be an actual year, possibly years; before we get them.

Releases classes (any) at the same time as raid content is contradictory to their own stance of “class=content”. If classes are content then why are they held on to when there’s absolutely dry months (3 months of 2 different PvP focused content which probably under 10% of the population participates in) that they could be dropped in.

You should be trying to keep people engaged by having a constant flow of stuff to do, holding patterns for 3 months so you can drop the entire load in 1 patch is not how you keep people engaged.

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The % of players that will get the artist to 1520 will be a super small minority, it may help a little bit, but it wont really help a lot.

The support shortage problem is at 1500+

And people who will main artist (most of them) are people who are already support mains so they will swap one of their supps for the artist.

I’m one of those people with 6 1475+ dps rosters waiting for Artist to play support.

Maybe I enjoy it enough to make it my main and begin shifting to a primarily Support roster, maybe not. But it will be my 2nd highest item level character within the first 3-4 weeks.

You won’t lose Support mains by releasing a Support, but you can change DPS mains to Support mains if the character is right for them.

Yep yep, you guys do exist, but you guys are a small minority thats my point.

Minorities again, look at this:

Endgame statistics from KR server
Out of 143,820 characters

  • 112,678 are DPS
  • 31,142 are supps

Out of those 31,142 supps

  • 19,366 are bards
  • 5,722 are Artists

The higher we go on Ilvl the less artist you see less and less artists there
You can also see that even the Kr server having the artist since 1 year ago they still have the same support shortage as we do.

And it was like this before the artist on kr.

So nope this wont really help with the shortage, but now if you telling me that you want her at feb because you want to play as her and she is your main thats a valid point.

Maybe you do , maybe you don’t … maybe you will quit the game …

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Those are definitely some big numbers but Bard was available on release and had a 3 year headstart on Artist. I think part of the difference is that Artist came way too late for KR, where most Support mains don’t want to hone up an alt, and most DPS open to having a support on their roster already have a Bard and don’t want to funnel materials to get another one up.

What’s the number of Bards compared to Artist release and now?

We already missed our chance to give Artists a fair shot of being within honing range of current top content to normal people.

Wish I could say that, but no. I can’t because I haven’t played it yet.

April is pretty far, who knows what could happen between now and then. The future is a mystery.

My point it’s still the same, even them having artist for a year can’t fix the support shortage, it’s as bas as before.

  • 12.18% supps vs 87.82% dps today
    Before artist was almost the same, since bard is the most played class in kr out of all the classes.
    (at least on end game)

If you see the statistics from 1300 ilvl to 1655 you can notice that artist was really popular but she was dropped by the majority of players:


Even with that amount of artist the support shortage is the same as before cuz people won’t hone her to endgame.

Sadly i have no statistics before artist but you can ask around on Kr streamers chats and youll see that this problem is not new.

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Had artist existed at launch there would be more Artists (and as such supports) available for at ilvl content currently, simply by the argument that people may have liked the class and decided to run with it.

But now, nobody is going to drop a heavy investment character to lopang to replace with a class they might not have really wanted to play anyway.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough players playing supports, or that there aren’t a bunch of supports as players alts, it’s that maintaining a roster of multiple characters at current ilvl content becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain for most players.

Even if we had an even balance of available support:DPS we’d still see a shortage at current content, since most people will take their main DPS up first and then supports and lesser played alts afterwards

Yeah, majority of people just want to main a DPS not a bard and this is not an exclusive problem of this game.

Honing is not a problem anymore it’s easy to hone to 1490 with relic books. And from there you can convert to brel gear to catch up to 1520.

People won’t play supports because playing supports in this game is boring as fuck.

They also can’t make as much gold busing, which also limits their player base.

I don’t think its boring, i actually enjoy playing my supp a lot, it’s just that the dps characters are so much more fun lol

Yeah maybe, but that mean these Artist will replace Paladin or Bard alts.


Or maybe someone liked the class and replaced a DPS that would be in the queue these days with an Artist.

Since this isn’t WoW, where you have 1 character you play for the most part and “alts” aren’t really interconnected with your main, here your “main” is basically your 6 gold earners. Lots of folks have 3-4 DPS and 1-2 Supports already, just due to the cost of building out a support and the ease of finding groups.

As an example, Instead of my 1460 DB contributing to the problem, that would be an Artist and likely already be 1500-1520 along with my Palaidn and Bard.

As I say it wouldn’t have fixed the issue, the issue will forever exist just due to the absolute pain of honing multiple characters to latest content near release of that content. They take their favorite classes up first, then the sub-favorites and supports, etc.

but your maybe is less likely :slight_smile:

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Thing is who cares if a lot of players make it to 1520 soon
There is a shortage of supports even in Valtan/Vykas
Eventually there will be a time when 1520 is more accessible and it would begin helping Normal Brel as well

artist will not fix support shortage, people dont play support now arent going to support on artist

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