Another day another post for chaos dungeon aura


keeping count this will be my 6th post about this. and the only response i got was we will bring this up to the team and see what we can do. BUT nothing gets done. I CANT PROGRESS OR GET ANY GET MATERIALS FROM CHAOS DUNGEON DUE TO NO AURA TO PROGRESS MY CHARACTER FOR THE 6th day this WEEK. i can still run chaos dungeon but i get no materials at all. im getting the exchange material only. the rest bonus isnt stacking. I WOULD LOVE TO PROGRESS MY GUNLANCER ANY DAY NOW. i dont know if its cause this was a newly created character but MY GOD IM BEGGING NOW FIX PLEASE

NaE - Regulus
ilvl 560

Sorry to see you’re still having this issue.

The development team is investigating this issue however i understand your frustration :frowning: .