Another day with 14k ques......Calvasus. More servers to current region

As far as I can see through the day this server is the one with least busy time, but still a que on 14.k, This will never end, and this is not even weekend. I wonder if we will at some point be able to play the game. That new region will be waited, but dont let so many join them that the ques continue there, then the point on moving is not worth it.

Unless you put more servers up on the current region, the ques will never end, if there were more server on the same region, more will be willing to leave there current server. The new region will not help on the current ques at all, since the are so big as they are.

Dont get me wrong the new region is welcome, but other steps needs to be done to get the ques away from the current region. It have also destroyed the game performance and load times the overheated servers.

I would gladly leave all my progression and founders pack to go to new region. But ill be pissed if i delete all my stuff just to end in another ques. You got to make a kind of garanty that you dont let to many on the new region. Then it havent solved the que problems.

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You shouldn’t accept that option. They HAVE to let us transfer characters to another server and of course for free … and indeed no such queue.

I just dont want to wait months before they MAYBE add an transfer option.