Another DC topic

I don’t care if there are other DC topics and I don’t care if I could just add to those. All I care is that I have officially been hit with EAC offline. This after reading about others suffering through this shit for months. This after all the shenanigans AGS and SG puts us through.

I don’t care that you’re “all hands on deck.” I don’t care that you’re “working through this.” I don’t care about whatever fake effort you guys put in to fixing this. I don’t care that CMs are trying to troubleshoot this, because god forbid CMs are actual network engineers? All that I care is this gets fixed. And forget fixing it, it’s gotten worse.

How god damn incompetent or uncaring must you be to have this go on for MONTHS. How god damn incompetent or uncaring must you be for this to get worse, not better. And how god damn patient/addicted must you all be who are still playing through all these disconnects. This is not a gameplay problem. This is not a minor bug in the game. This is not even a game breaking bug. This is not a new occurrence. This is not a day old problem. This is not a one week problem. This is not even a one month problem. Months in plural.

I am astounded by the level of incompetency and how much you don’t care about this. Words means shit. You can scream that you care all you want, your actions tell me otherwise. Ya’ll can bring the game down and go through multiple hours of maintenance because you screwed up and sent too many pheons. Ya’ll can bring the game down because the shop isn’t functioning correctly. But ya’ll can’t give two shits about your players and customers being able to do something as basic as staying connected.

The white knights and trolls can bring their “can I have your gold” memes and tell me to touch grass (which is ironic considering I farm irl). But y’all can enjoy this shit show with each other. I ain’t got time to fight through disconnects and spend 5 minutes each time loading up the game. Give this issue the attention it deserves and fix it. No excuses, no “we are working on it”. Just fix it. Because that’s your job and obligation as a publisher and developer.

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