Another disconnect another loss

Last night around 4am CET, I went to Platinum field (playing solo no party) to pick flowers and mushrooms. I had 2 tickets and I pressed the re-entry button to use my second ticket as my first 15 minutes had elapsed. However, 5 minutes into the second run I disconnected from the servers with the classic G0x9-SPEL something error code and was sent back to character select, where my character was stated as being INSIDE the Platinum field, but as I launched the game from that character, the game loaded me into Nia village effectively cutting ten minutes off of my Platinum field time - exactly as I feared. So I kept my hopes high and loaded the game 5 minutes ago, but allas, no system message with an attached ticket for me so that I could reenter and get my full 15 minutes of flower picking to pots.
How do you expect us to want to play the game, when “playing the game” means you might lose out on loot, rewards, entrance counts, entrance tickets, guardian souls, legion raids etc. etc.? I lose ALOT of will to even open the game and when the disconnects occur I much rather alt+f4 than wait for the game to put me back in character select, only to disconnect me again 15 minutes later. I spent quite a few hundred dollars on this game, but not a single dime since the disconnects occured cause why would I put money into a game that actually doesn’t work?Meaning; you guys are losing money, and I’m losing probably the best game I ever played. So I beg of you. Please do better to fix these issues. Your already dying game is dying way faster because of this