Another downtime today?

What in the world… Why not do it yesterday instead of fooling around?


Are you unfamiliar with what a hotfix is?


Are you? Hot fix usually means whilst every thing is still running.

Thus the term hot fix.


I think it’s fair to ask. Usually a hotfix means something is wrong and they tell us what the issue is that they’re fixing. This reads like a standard maintenance announcement and I don’t think it’s wrong to ask what its for


Yes every hotfix is done without downtime in the history of gaming very good sound logical point you made. Thank you for your response

Who gives a fk about hotfix? Having another downtime outside weekly reset is unacceptable


True, OP asked a very good question

E.g. Did they not finish everything last night during maintenance and they need to do more? Or did they discover an issue from last night’s maintenance that needs to be fixed?


All you do is complain. Its only a video game


5hour “hotfix” :smiley:
Oh well, i like my f’ed up day/night cycle, i sleep at Maintenance Hours, but my poor european friends, already sleeping and waking up to Servers beeing down :slight_smile:
Improved Communication we see.


This hotfix includes infrastructure improvements that are necessary to deploy ahead of next week’s May Content Update.

This doesnt sound like a normal “hotfix” to me. Sounds more like something they could have done with yesterdays maintenance but whatever. We cant change it and I’m fine with it when the patch will go out at thursday and without troubles (looking back to april patch)


How about the term hot mess? That’s a better term for their approach to maintenance.


they said tho “This hotfix includes infrastructure improvements that are necessary to deploy ahead of next week’s May Content Update.” i mean its not all the information but still~

Exactly what I was wondering… i wasn’t even able to get on last night coming from work, and I guess won’t be again tonight… Wow like they couldn’t have done that last night

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Im sure youre going to survive. Maybe get some sleep while the server is down. Your life will go on I promise

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Its that time of night for you to go create a useless thread please stop replying to me

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Yes the term has been vastly misused tbh.

Hotfix comes from hotswapping, especially hotswapping hard-drive disk on a server (changing drives without rebooting the system).

If you restart the servers and put it down, it’s no longer a “hotfix” it’s just a “fix”


Eh, if it means no surprise maintenance next week and or delays im all go for it.


It’s not new but this surprise announcements of hours before a maintenance just getting annoying because not everyone play at the same schedule and could have prepared for this ahead of time. Easy for people to dismiss it when it doesn’t affect them lmao