Another gatekeeping post kekw

I downloaded the game because I saw Saintone’s video “How hard is raiding in Lost Ark?” I fell in love with the thematic and especially the challenge that came with Brelshaza’s legion raid.
I got 1520 ilvl to start trying out 5-6 yesterday. I completed 5 within the same day (3 hours party finder)
Today was the big day for me, the whole reason I downloaded the game.
Gate 6 :smiley:
I knew finding a party would probably be difficult since every legion raid is always the same however today I have experienced 8 total hours in party finder lmao.
It sounds crazy and maybe stupid to a lot of you whos solution is “make your own party, play with friends, join a guild” XD it’s all the same getting into a party is completely unreasonable it feels like.

92 quality weapon (+23)
18 LOS
lvl 7 CD gems
3 lvl 9 damage gems on my 3 damage skills

As well as the willingness for discord, a completely open schedule (took a week off work since I knew this was my week to prog these gates), and being completely open to any strats/suggestions to help progress the party as a whole.

But tbh after 8 hours I haven’t even gotten the opportunity to try the raid out at all.

I’m not looking to give anyone a hard time with this post tbh I think I’m just really frustrated/defeated at the reality of the situation lol
Sorry for the rant, you’ve probably read something similar to this all week

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u missed 1st week
solution is static, guild but they gatekeep too, make own group on official Lost Ark Discord.

lmao thanks :joy:
also already tried Lost Ark disc no luck

you are playing arcana that’s why and i know your feel i’m playing it too
people don’t like zerk, reap, arca and gs sometimes

Ahhh it could be that who knows :sweat_smile:
ty fellow Arcana main~

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it takes time wont happen overnight or even 2 weeks, could be more
just need to nolife or guild hop currently many are forming groups outside guild and yes eventually they will leave own guild to join up with people that they prog with.
Just like with clown, community expects everyone to have completed Brel 1-6 Dec 14-20th
So if iunno taking time off for Christmas a big deal for you too bad fuck off lol

Right now you have a lot of trap runs, false reclears, progs, d/c, massive sup shortage in Party Finder and in guilds.


The reason isn’t because hes playing Arcana, meta whores are the only people at G6 right now and they know Arcana top dawg DPS. Its just that 1000s of other DPS are as stacked geared as him so hes competing with Whales quite literally aka LOS 30, multiple lvl 10 gems, 3 or 4 piece Brel, obv >1520, list goes on. Whales and nolifers were Brel NM ready at Vykas Release. NA has an army of some fucking Juicers and irony is it was cheaper than today engraving books and lvl 10 200K Damage gems. We warned you fuckers what whales were doing to this game and now at endgame Brel this the result. Whales/RMT in P2W games are a necessity so not entirely their fault, but combine that with bots, cratering playerbase, bat shit AH economy, INFLATION, etc.
You get a shitty divided community like what LOA NA is today. There is no in-between. You’re either a support or a fucking gigachad BIS No Scope 420 KR player god. No lvl 10 gem trash GTFO. No LOS 30 but 18 smh I’ll just wait for the 30. Not 1540 yet lol. No horns stop it buddy this reclear only. Proceeds to wipe for 3 hours anyway.

This is the mentality however it just isn’t the reality.
Sorry if that statement upsets you but i’d say 70% of the player base trying gate 5-6 is ilvl or 2ish hones away from that.
I think the problem is that there is such a wide variety of different types of players using party finder (some whales, some ilvl budget, some reclears, some fresh progs, some shapes progs, some shandi progs, and no one is really looking to help one another/compromise to get a clear.
The reality in my case is I am pretty overgeared compared to a lot of the players i inspect in the parties however they’re just at a different progress, or have a friend that is a support/reclear.
It’s probably more a culture/community problem we face in the west more than anything.
No solution atm, no villains, everyone is just trying to be super efficient and can’t really hate on anyone for it.
Just trying to give my experience on the entire gatekeeping fiasco :sweat_smile:

My man face reality u just spent 8 hrs in Party Finder and made another Gatekeeping thread.
The raid like clown wont be PUG friendly for a long time Months even.

each gate has less and less people again because most are doing static/premades only

Still its embarrassing for the new Legion Raid to have so little people doing it, progging it
Actually it highlights how much people had a stickp up der ass about everyone being at endgame forum andies. Above is PEAK hours now so lol

This is the common denominator.

Party Finder is comprised of mostly statics and premades that are short 1 person or 3.
While the party may be up, they are asking in multiple discord LFG ch for vetted people to join
before considering a PUG so joining multiple DISCORDS is an absolute must right now. Looking at multiple parties, Quality on not only weapon but Armor too is in the 90s, every DPS had LOS 18 synergy or not, dudes have near perfect stats aka spec is 1700-1800. This is like every party finder and well these req are too steep for the avg player. I know people that have almost 5,000 hrs in game, swiped $5-10K, and they get rejected.

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That’s not how West server looks it’s actually completely different lol (i know because i’ve been playing party finder all day xd)
It does have what you’re talking about however most the times it’s just a straight pug comprised of maybe a group that has 1-3 players premade.

its annoying, but my advice start joining multiple guilds and ugh network your way into said groups form statics. It helps if you have a support so you can trade runs, application looks better.

Case in point in a guild I just joined, 1 mythical unicorn has 3 supports that can all do Brel…
Of course shes treated like a goddess, cocky, say step on me, and everyone simp for her.
Also just joined a static recently for G1-4 group/learning which will eventually become a G1-6 static on my DPS. The last parking spot for alts is 1540 so eventually all our alts will do Brel NM G1-6 if we want. Joining G1-4 statics is long-term thinking.

My Sup can fill in for any group thats missing a bard for the week and logistics, timing, a lot of G1-6 parties have noshows. By being in multiple guild discord LFGs its like being vetted when really not + they’ll cut “members” some slack.

Building relationships as they say. Personally I hate this and wish I could just log on, join a group wipe wipe pass. Move on w/ my life its just a game.

Sounds like a region issue, you can find one almost instantly on NA west at the moment

i dont care how much hate this gets but i agree to the Gatekeep issue either EU or NA the mindset of some creatures out in this game is mind blowing like i sometimes think : Yo how does this Person know when to Drink/Eat or take a dump…

then you finally get accepted in a " RECLEAR 5x3 only ching ching group and get Jailed cuz all overgeared pepegas cant do any normal attack pattern, besides that 95% of players are movement slacking boomer.

Its frustraiting to know everything for example about Kakul Saydon G1-G3 and then being gated cuz some crazy humans with MAYHAM TITLE DIE 5x in a ROW in Mario 1 ?? O.o guys before you start your own groups or join reclears i recommend to re-learn basics from class 1 - 10 :slight_smile:

Happy New Year

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Class gatekeeping is the most useless vector of gatekeeping. But apparently it’s blatant in NA/EU… That’s why I don’t like joining party and usually always create my own parties.

Just wait a few week for support to hone cheaply. They need at least 4-5 brel gear transfer before they hit 1520.

On another note you are not required to do all 6 gate every week.

Korea player only do 1-2 maybe 1-4 and stop as it not worth their time after 1st clear as majority of gold from g1-2 anyway.

Eventually player ilvl will increase and you get into raid easier.

I found getting into G6 parties pretty easy and there are a lot of supports too. You just shouldt apply to groups where they are looking for dps+support (6/8) since the meta now is left at least one space for support friend. I was doing tries into G6 for 3 days/8h per day now and never found isssues with getting into the group.

The main issue with this gate are the imposters who are going into shandi exp parties or below when they don’t even know the shape mech lol.

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