Another honing is brutal post

I’ve had it with honing but it’s not gana stop me from playing. but this shit is stopping me from playing with my guildmates. with this reset i was hoping i can finally push to 1370 forArgos. but got kicked in the shin again. The extra mats didnt help, the books didnt help. I got 0 upgrade with all 15 books. 15 straight fails.

p.s. I have all the giants hearts, all the stars and pimped out Astray. I’ve had enough of horizontal progression I need some vertical.


But do you have the 3 secret Mokokos in the Naruni Raceway that only spawn 5 seconds after it starts?

mats are cheap. buy them!

The honing system sucks. It’s a casino system that requires 9 resources and still may fail. It’s convoluted nonsense.


Why did you bounce around between attempts? Focusing on one would have at least got you a pity …

Not that it would of got you there but you would be one less

So you are defending futility now… interesting.

Vertical progression should not be gated by RNG. They can put RNG in accessories stats and other stuffs but should not in honing. More and more people are quitting 'cuz of this.


Show pics plz.

Don’t waste your time on people who want to bury you in deflection.

I give them the benefit of doubt if their name is Kirihito…
Who knows, maybe the black swordsman is actually…

Do you understand how the system works? As you need everything +15 and you get nothing new from 1350 to 1370, it will change nothing to focus on 1 piece or all at the same time…
BTW OP, I feel you, failed 19 honing and got 3 upgrades via artisan energy… (0 success from normal honing).

I feel you man the gap between the lucky and unlucky is to big it’s killing me had to take a brake

Thats so sad man, i`m the same

I quitted from the game 4 days ago as a hardcore player as an 4th year engineer stud. I just can not stand anymore to asian grind sh*t.

I had 586 hours on Russia server. Now I have 488 hours on EU server. I played asian mmo’s before and they were nowhere near grindy as Lost Ark. I was playing with 6 chars, 1385, 1340, 1325,1302, 1302, 1040. I wanted to progress enough to do content but it is simply freakish thing.

Maybe if I would be a casual player then game might be cool but… As a western player it is so much grind. I am not putting sh*t on the game. It is just not for me.

I hope other players will have fun.

It’s just how it is. Between 1355-1370 I had 9 pity upgrades total. Had some luck all around but looks like you’re just super unlucky. I was lucky enough to pull out of the deadzone by somehow getting lucky enough to 1-3 tap all 6 upgrades to +15. It gets easier and smoother once you do P1 and start getting your legendary gear. Trust

Oh hey friend, I was just feeling the same thing after an earlier honing session! And I got them at 12-13. It felt disgusting. Now gold becomes an issue for those non-scalpers that have not reached 1370+.

70g hone +44g 4 simple orehas - 114 gold/click. Yumm.

Aren’t we just fortunate that we got those very useful books? Now you can hit pity so much faster :slight_smile:

I was gana ignore u but, why dont u try googling my name. also here. I want u to keep speculating. this is my alt btw. I love how u wana invalidate my frustration with honing because you dont believe everything else.

just hit 1370 today with 260 failed honings. Got 2 alts in t3 and 3 t2 though. Still way below average i think since i think around 170 is the usual fail number for one char to reach 1370. todays mats were JUST enough to bring me from 1367,5 to 1370, but had a bunch of artisan energy before. 2 of the 3 items got to pitty. Glad i finally reached it but 1355-1370 is BRUTAL. without the additional mats it would have taken me at least another month i think. Just have to get into grinding mode and dont care about upgrades

just curious what’s your failed count in achievements? think it sunder character>items>strategic failure

achievement is pointless coz its roster wide.