Another honing rush incoming?

Argos made mat prices skyrocket to kingdom come now another honing rush is happening soon. FOMO is real and 1445 is the new goal. not ganna be as bad as Argos as whales are already 1490. but Blue crystal prices are increasing day by day. So anyone whos waiting it out, buy now while its cheap or dont sell mats for now. This is assuming they dont have any events to help push to 1415+.

is this like gamestop thing?

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We will have events, when people realize it they will start selling again and prices will go down


I doubt we will have greater leapstones in events anytime soon… Id like them sure, but I honestly doubt we will get any.

Exactly lol, events not gonna end anytime soon dude.

What makes you think we wont be getting leapstones? im curious :o

Are shards gonna become a bottleneck anytime soon?

depends. at 1400+ its a bottleneck

Not according to the market prices I would think

It’s already happening. Mat prices have skyrocketed in EUC with guardian stones going to 8g (from 4) and great honour leapstones selling for 80g+ (from 65-70)

red crystals too. supports like me who kept their weapons at +11 need to start honing them the cost is insane as hell

There are not enough players at 1415+ yet for prices of shards to sky rocket, but it will happen soon

Just a feeling I have. We might get some greater leapstones in summer event in june. If we get anything on the 19th of may it’s likely that ot will be more normal leapstones to help push alts to 1370.

Thank you for the tip

best time to buy shards are 5 mins after a chaos gate

i think its the other way around tho, i think they give give great leaps in the new event (Since the focus now is to bring players from 1370 to 1415, in that ilvl range people need GHL) but it’s just what i think will happen x3

Events rewards mats that helps everyone reaching specific goal.

The new goal is 1415 and in order to hone from 1370 to 1415 you need great honor leapstone so I do think we will have great honor leapstone in future events, yes.

I’m not buying but I guess if I take it the other way around is still good advice :smile:

the problem are the real money trader, people buying currently extrem mass gold from third party websides and driving the price to the top…

Lol, we said the same at the same time