Another idea against monopoly market

another idea to fight monopoly jewelry caused by lacking player numbers would be:

at some point of the game give us relic like in Oreha and Argos with guaranteed class engraving roll
maybe at clown or brel
or at luck boss portal in chaos dungeon
or in cube
or in bossrush
or at event merchant
or even in valtan/Vykas HM

doesnt matter where
we need more competition for 5x3 jewelry


They don’t want you dropping gg gear though.

Drop good gear and use it > No need for pheons or gold so no need to buy more.
Drop good gear and sell it > easy gold so no need to buy more.

Its supposed to be rare.

more drops, more sales, more pheons spent more pheons needed
more interested in creating a new char maybe
more money by additional slots
in a situation like this now nobody is buying at all.
i watch the market for weeks to gear my alts to 5x3 but i will never ever buy some jewelry for 100k ^^

yeah its supposed to be rare but not that rare that for 4 weeks theres only the same 1-5 pieces of jewelry with a highly needed class engraving combination in the whole market for fantasy prices

The game is not designed for this low number of players. so the lacking players needs to be compensated by higher drop chances

and never forget the frustration factor
people think f*** it ill never be rich enough to have my 5x3, im out

Beats no one getting anything and people quitting