Another innocent permanently banned by bot ban wave

As the title points out, my long time real-life friend was falsely banned.

Server: Sceptrum
Name: Temulentus

He was doing dailies every few days with rest bonus as it seemed more efficient for him
sometimes he would log in to do dailies and then get off the game and then have a day or two break to get rest bonus back to kill guardians, and during the weekend he would do raids with our community(still small but hoping to grow bigger), guild and long time gaming friends.
and ofcourse we help eachother out by sending mats and extra gears we get

I personally have known him in real life for over 10 years, we have played video games together all these years and i have never seen him cheat or exploit in any game, he is one of the most honest player/friend know

So its needless to say that this false ban is unjustified, like every false accusation is… and it taking its toll on our community and guild, we are losing great friend, great player and crucial member of our community

Multiple ban appeal have been sent but they rarely were answered, and after he got reply they wanted him to prove them wrong… how can legit player proof that he is legit

Reading the forums i can see that there is multiple people who has been banned for no reason… i hope amazon can fix their shit and unban the people didnt deserve it…

Reason why i am doing this post this long after the ban is we waited for support reply and that took 12days… small indie company like amazon is understaffed i understand that but jesus 12days

anyway! thank you for anyone who reads my rants and supports justice! #FreeTemulentus2022!

@Roxx i know you cant alone do anything about the ban but its obvious that there is issue with Amazons botbuster and innocent people are falsely getting banned and honestly it is heartbreaking

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I feel for you but you wrote that posts like food recipe, all talk no concrete information. If they’re gaslighting your friend’s appeals maybe he should try to request all his data from AGS, there should be reason for the ban, and go from there? Like in this thread:

Good luck!
(CMs can’t do anything about bans I am afraid)

EDIT: Another reference:

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i know CM’s cannot do anything to bans, i mean i said that in my post after i tagged him… and thank you for the links i shall forward them to my friend and go from there!


Getting suspended for abusive language is not surprising. But what is abusive language? Keep in mind Amazon is ran by a bunch of snowflake lefties. So to them pretty much anything goes as far as abusive language.

Even the absolute truth would be considered abusive language by them. So the only way to not get banned for this reason is not say anything at all. Now a days anything you say, and I do mean anything you say will get a purple, blue, pink or green hair triggered enough to report you and Amazon will be more than happy to comply with the request to ban you.

Roxx is ‘her’

UPDATE: Got the info from Amazon game information ZIP, it was what we said “BOTBASH”

Still support wont answer or return any tickets…

How and why should we know that?

Its pretty well known. And I just let you know also.

totally agree with you on that one. For example if you do guardian for close to 15 minutes (like night fox yoko) and you are support. Asking 3 dps why here is no damage (not even 1x3 or gems, cards on) should be not considered toxic. This Woke wave made everyone soft, here is difference between facts and toxicity. Try saying anything to these snowflakes and they start calling you toxic, even if you try help them (like give advice - get that engraving first etc). Personally i don’t type in-game at all because majority of people are snowflakes these days.

Still banned RIP. Giving their own correct data to them didin’t work, they just dont care.

While agree with your special snowflake commentary, allowing players to be abusive turds to one another within game, is something that will kill a game.

Can’t people just be nice to each other?

Are we talking about the same Amazon? you know… the one that was valued at 420 billion in assets in 2021:

In any case, yeah, it’s hard to know why your friend was banned, and I feel some details are missing from your story, he should request his data from Amazon and or AGS, to have some insight. What is the ban reason? (The game, although vague, tells you why)