Another post about maintenance hours

Hi, good morning.
Just to be clear i don’t care about how long the maintenances are (I know it is a must if we want the game to keep up in good state) but the hour of these.

As I said answering another post we (Europeans) are having a maintenance from 8 am to 4 pm meanwhile for Americans are from 12 am to 8 am.
It’s the first time that i’m experiencing something like this and it’s awful for a player like myself that can only play in the mornings.

Could we europeans get a decent maintenace hour? It’s not much to ask for… or is it?

Thank you for your time, hope this time we will be heard.
Have a good day all of you.


Because they are doing everything for US players. There is nothing wrong with that right?
It is the same with compensations. Central European players had the most problems with the game and got practically nothing.
There is be a problem on the US server and they ask players on the forum to give their names and what they have lost, so that they can compensate them all.
Murica F yeah.
They don’t give a f about players from EU. They have proved it many times that they are the worst company


What can you expect from Murican company? I bet EU player base is way bigger and spend way more money, but yea F them. We are Amazon Murican company… Good thing I’m at work in the office during this time, I would be also a bit mad right now.

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Yeah those topics are good to debate as well and I fully agree with them, but I wanted to focus this thread in the maintenance hours instead of those, if possible.

What they can do is roll out at the night for each region, I know this still can be frustrating for some people. They can’t manage to have 100% happy player base. Unless it’s a hot fix or some short 2-4h maintenance it should happen in days and time when they have less players online. It’s good for business too.

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