Another quitting "feedback"

This is my first thread, im sorry if i posted it in a wrong section. This is more like a rant than a game feedback, please move it if you think it’s not belong here. Thank you.


Goal (TLDR):
Just a rant, if you are enjoying the game you probably shouldn’t read this.

I played since Feb 23th, about 2 weeks after launch. I enjoyed the game from the beginning until 1385 and my experience came down hill from there (will expain later), i didn’t watch a lot of guide video on game progression but i did watch build guide and mechs guide. I’m a inexperience and slow to learn player, there are no excuses. I’m completely non-pay2win, if i kept playing i might have bought skins but i won’t spend money on things that help progress, that’s just how i want to play. And i’m not a native English speaker so sorry for the butched grammar.


  1. Game at current state demand too much time and effort for me to play. I played single character from lv1 to 1385, slowly and didn’t care much about efficiency. After sick and tired of honing from 1340 to 1370 i decided to up my game by create 2 alts and quicky level one of them to 1340, with one T3 alt i was able to push my main to 1400, at that time my second alt reach 1302.
    Then i learned from my guild that most people that reach 1415 need even more alts, like 4 or 5 of them, i created more… my 3rd alt at 960, my 4th alt at 600… it feels like there is no catching up while it getting harder and harder for my main to find party with other people mains.

  2. Dailies extremely boring, i know these supposed to be boring but did the same 3 daily Alakir, Hypnos, Kalthertz must had taken a toll on my frail mental. Chaos dungeons doesn’t feel better either, i get annoyed when people pinging in chaos, that’s just me i guess. Guardian feel very nice especially Lava Chromium Fox Yoho, Igrexion (the “easier” ones)… but the Scorpion was unpleasant. I know there nothing about these “feelings” are constructive but i need to say it.

  3. Hard to find guardian raid party for my alts with blue and purple stuff, i equiped the best gear, accessories i could find from chaos dungeons and abyss dungeons, had correct stats and at least lv3 class engraving but it wasn’t enough, a lot of rooms requires more ilvl and or roster level.

  4. Bad manner players, i’m not going to specific but to me it seem like people focus too much about efficiency they forget to communicate and be nice both in game and in forums. I am one of those need to “learn to read” players, i am one of those lazy and selfish player want to delay valtan when everyone could reach 1415 in couple weeks.

  5. Too many places for information, bad communication, bad UI and localization. We all know how it went.

  6. Not enough gold/leapstone for me to progress my main. That’s my experience. I could hon my alts that below 1370 (not my main) with the gold i have but i couldn’t buy skins with gold because there aren’t any left over, maybe i should have swipe for skins but at this stage i was considering quitting. The free ark pass gives good amount of leapstone for under 1370 but not for my main. People here probably will shame me for parking main but there aren’t great honor leapstone for me to get to 1415.

  7. I’m just bad at the game, i get hit a lot, i got grudge instead of ambush master because i don’t have enough gold to buy ambush master accessories, which was a mistake, my build is correct, lack a bit of crit. Today, I got flamed by zerkers and artillerist in P3 argos because i died first, which is my fault for dying. This is the end point where raids is no longer fun for me. I wish i could have stayed for booba but i’m not good enough with the current pace of the game i wont have enough practice or gear for booba.

Let’s have some positive points:

  1. Since its first trailer i always wanted to play Lost Ark. Sort of like Diablo II but more polished, beautiful graphics, that is what i imagined and it really is.
  2. Raid gameplay and learning boss mechs are fun. That’s why i want to push main for raids but not go sailing.
  3. I met many players that are really friendly and helpful in game, sailors, new players, good mechs supps and dps alike.
  4. The classes are fun, i played Reflux Sorc, Pinnacle Glaivier, Remaining Energy Deathbalde, and Demonic Impuse Shadowhunter, Taijutsu Scrapper and liked them all.
  5. The game has good English voice acting in my opinion. Love to hear Nineveh, Ealyn, Blue-Eyed Calvasus and many others.

NA/EU Lost Ark is not the game for me. Judge me all you want, teach me how to play the game all you want. I already left so i’m not gonna read your comments.

Good luck and have fun, i sincerely and genuinely mean it.


as slow as i am, im that rhino at the end of the animal stampede in jumanji the robin williams version, miles behind slow and out of breath…lol.
im glad you found people to help, azena na east area chat, i wouldnt ask anyone in there for help, let alone ask one to lick my boot,

I really hate those “watch youtube” pro-players in matchmaking groups. Moreover, they usually don’t stop pinging, thing that confuses me more than helps. I obtain a lot of satisfaction when they die and are carried by the players they have flamed. I guess that if they were so pro, they would be in a pre-mades and not in the matchmaking.

On the opposite side, you have the people that are mute. They don´t do the mechanics but neither they answer when you ask if they have doubts. They enerve me more than anything.

I play matchmaking a lot and I don’t care teaching people that is willing to learn. I really enjoy defeating a boss with an under geared group or even making good tries without killing it.

I played at almost the same time as you and my main is now 1404 with 1 alt at 1329 and 1 alt at 600. My friends heavily encouraged me to make more alts but through my assessment, making more alts would exhaust me and i wouldn’t want that to happen. So i played at just the right amount for my capacity to evenly play at an enjoyable phase while not burning out through grinding.

There’s a lot of things for you to do than just focus heavily on the grinding part, although that’s the main goal to catch up with content, but no one is forced to do that. Especially since LA is heavy on RNG for progression.

Playing with the Market is one thing that keeps me playing because you can be one of the contributor to manipulate the price of stocks with high’s and lows.

But since you’ve already bid farewell, i wish you goodluck on your next game journey!