Another "rank is rng"thread

i was going through the rankings and i saw a 2600 grandmaster who has the same winrate as me but im at 1800-2150 (yes i actually dropped 200)

i’ve played with the top 10 on my region many times and they are nothing special or better than the ppl in gold/silver and this isn’t me just saying

everyone gets random winstreaks/random lose streaks cus the game is rng and at the beginning you gain more/lose more but once u settle ur rating u start gaining/losing the same

if you think about it logically and actually think for once that means (BY DEFINITION) the people who have a winstreak at the start are going to be placed higher and are going to keep their ranking with THE SAME WINRATE as others. If you have thousands of players its conceivable that some of them would have good winstreaks (with the right timing regarding to the rating gained/lost) and some would have bad streaks

my rating is fluctuating all the time but i play the game more and more so by definition and logically i should be improving and getting better and thus climbing because its natural for humans to get better at what they do but in reality that’s hardly the case… why? cus the game is dogshit rng
if u roll the dice 500 times and the first 50 times matter more that determines at which elo u get stuck but its still 50/50

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No you just arent as good as you think. Stop spamming pointless threads.

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You’re not understanding that they climbed from the start. Even if they won all their games, they would be in gold. Which means they continued to win streak. Their w/l evened out at high rating. You never had those big win streaks to get to that place. Most of the people on the top 30 of the ladder have insanely high win rates. Once decay kicks in you’ll see a lot of those people who did get lucky will fall.

You’re not as good as them, it might look like it but just shows you don’t understand what is required to do well. This is excluding Sorc, class is a joke. Unless you’re braindead, it’s really easy to win on Sorc.

Took a shid ama