Another silent treatment

So I have seen dozens and dozens of people having their entrance “tickets” lost for Chaos, Abyssal, Raids and whatnot and not a SINGLE response from anyone from AGS … I thought you “have a system to restore entrances” now… I lost a Chaos dungeon idc that much, but people are losing hard modes and argos entries and no one is even replying to them (been checking the dev tracker). Like I can see you are having major issues with servers crashing etc. but at least some acknowledgment that we are going to get the entries back… Let us know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON…

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try reading bro instead of typing

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I don’t know who’s not reading “bro” but that message is from 3 days ago if you actually click the “detailed here” and has nothing to do with the current situation. Like I wrote in my topic I referenced that post…

You’re not reading. Hes literally responding to it today because its an issue. Like what?

His response was made 20mins before my topic so sorry I missed it, but it’s still nothing imo. If you are satisfied with that fine, I and people around me are not :slight_smile:

Well thankfully your post gained a ton of traction im sure theyll do something about it now