Another stupid bug

Now we cannot use triport on the map (opened with M button). Stupid.

I can use them what are you talking about? :o

Not on the map with tab, you can use the triport?

Yeah i can use them using tab or opening the map with M

I can use triport on tab but can’t on M. Before the update, I was able to use on both. Definitely it’s a bug.

I can answer this for you.

  • Using Map with Tab requires you to hold ‘Alt’ key when clicking on a triport
  • Using Map with M key, you DONT hold the ‘Alt’ key, you just click

If you hold the Alt key when opening the map with the M key, it won’t give you a dialogue box.

It’s not a bug it’s just that Alt acts as a “second function” type key. With the Tab map clicking on it allows you to drag it around.

The M map doesn’t have that function as default, therefore it thinks you’re trying to do something else by hold Alt.

Let us know if that fixes it, or if it truly is a bug.