Another t3 leaving the game

I log in everyday and for every second i play the game I feel like I am wasting my time on something that gives nothing back. I anticipated this game for years and when it finally came out me and 4other friends where so hyped we even bought 21:6 ratio monitors just for the pvp. well 1month passed and i lost all those friends on the road, so here am I a 1370 with 3other alts on t2 trying to figure out why I am still playing this game while i know I have to spend at least 6-8hours a day if I just wanna keep up with the dailys/weeklys to stay up to content and that is without islands/collectibles/trade skills. i would say u have to put an average of 8hours a day if u wanna keep up with the game.
Usually I don’t have a problem with games making u have to spend time in it but in Lost Ark u don’t even get rewarded for ur time, U can farm for weeks, get ur stones up and once u decide to hoan the game can troll u and just make u fail all those upgrades. So there u sit with ur D in ur hand and wonder wtf u are still doing in this game.
Spend ur time on a game that is fun and rewarding, not making u play 4characters just to upgrade ur main and make u do the same proccess over and over again just cause u don’t wanna swipe ur card. I mean we even saw it on Asmons stream, the dude put it 600$ in the game and got 1-2upgrades total, he might as well gotten 20upgrades with that money but the game decided NO.


Lets see the roadmap. If it is crap, I’ll join you, brotha.

In the meantime, lets enjoy watching the white knights defending this broken game while it hemorrhages players by the day. The real numbers will be funny to see once the bots stop inflating the numbers lol.


i am also waiting for the roadmap, hoping they release the version we suppose to get from korea.


“Keep up with the game”

You don’t have to keep up with anything. It’s a game, play for fun.


I think I got diabetes from eating all this popcorn. Don’t mind me though, just here for the comments.


Also agree with the above post. The road map for me definitely is the decider in whether or not I keep playing.

I love the game for sure don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like spending also the exact same time per day to keep up. I’m 1390 (with the help of a mate) but I’m also starting to realize the same.

I wake up - It’s reset time for the day - What I do:

  • Chaos dungeons twice
  • Guardians twice
  • Event guards
  • Una Dailies
  • Whatever else until the following
  • Usually wait for adventure island (because doing it first before field boss, gate makes the most sense because of the timers)
  • Field Boss/Gate (or vice versa)
  • Grand prix (currently)

Then alts for the remainder of the day. Not a whole lot of room to improve on alot of aspects until you finish tunnelling one.
You get the jist’

So just between adventure islands, field boss and gates, grand prix that’s 4 hours gone already. I don’t understand why these things can’t be on different timers and not the fucking same timers which is the stupid part. You do activities and then wait around. There’s not a lot of room to do other horizontal content. I’m not saying everything needs to be done in one go but like why can’t activities just be on different times compared to the same hourly.

I’m pretty close to the same situation. 600 hours in and just not sure how I feel the more I think about how many hours I spend doing shit and can’t really do other stuff because of how much time you sink into the above.


facts on that.

It’s true that it’s really frustrating that you gotta farm for so long for 1 attempt of honing but let me tell you, this just gets worse in the future.

Like any other Korean MMO, you gotta grind like hell if you want to keep up with the game. However, there is no reason to play the game this way. You can chill and play even like once in 2-3 days (Rest Bonus) and you won’t be far behind.

Or you could come back after a few months when they have T3 passes and more classes. But the honing will never chance in this game. Not everyone likes this system, but people still do play it realising it’s a core part of the game and we can’t change that.

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No point in waiting for the roadmap. This is not gonna change just because there is even more to do. If you want to keep up you have to put the time in or swipe. The sooner people realize it the better.

I do not get what people are so surprised about (this was always clear to be the case), though i would love for them to reduce daily counts and increase rewards, so you get everything in 1 run each

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If they not release Valtan, next month, I also quit. 1400 was so easy and now you have to play the content loop.


Then you can say goodbye i guess.

Don´t know it for sure of course, but after the Shitstorm from releasing end-Contend to soon the last time, i guess they will slow down on this.

to the Topic: Not sure if i should agree or not. I get the point, but it´s really a problem you create for yourself. Nobody is forcing anyone to do everything everyday.

Hell, if you don´t want to do Una´s for the day, don´t do it. Same with Guardian Raids etc.

With what or whom do you have to keep up? Just enjoy the Game :slight_smile:

i Play 3-4 hours a day, some days less. I just hit T3 and i don´t have the feeling to miss anything out. And i play what i want^^

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Well due the event, there are thousands of people 1385+

Only unlucky people are behind hehe. Everyone in matchmaking have at last hope, they bring some content, before it gets boring.

But to be fair, we or at last me, dunked 700+ hours in.

If you log on only for higher gear then you don’t like the game. Even if i fail i am enjoying playing the game. I don’t except to be reward it for playing game which i enjoy every time. You need to take a rest and return later

People treating f2p games or mmos in general as a competition or race to end game is mind boggling. Once you hit the end then what? You’ll quit, or beg for content, when the game is already flooded with it. Even goldriver himself said to take it slow cause it’s a game to be enjoyed not rushed through.


I feel the same way, I’m still waiting to see what happens, I don’t understand why ags doesn’t release any skins, it’s almost April and we’re still running around with the standard skins and no matter what I do in the game, it doesn’t reward me, I’m always missing them EXP stones (can’t remember the name) to upgrade my armor I really hope that AGS gets the curve in April because otherwise I’ll be gone a shame about this great game

Also waiting for the roadmap to decide whether or not to continue playing. I think our demands have been made clear already, its all up to them.

I for one can’t wait for you, and everyone like you to quit. Can you imagine how tranquil chat will be without the usual hundreds of whiners carrying on? Where all I’m left with are my friends, the loyalists and the whales? I truly can’t wait. There’s always this HERD of people with a lot to say and zero to show for themselves tossing around empty threats.

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same here waiting for the roadmap, if it makes me feel like im wasting my time then i’ll wait for another 5 years some other good mmo to come west :smiley:

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I’ll take this comment in good faith and try to explain why people can only have fun if they get to experience new content. For some people, MMOs are the most fun when they get to experience content right as it comes out. This isn’t even just a want to be more elite than other thing, it’s because it’s fun to try to figure out how to do raids with others before it’s been figured out and gotten easy. Once content has been out for a while, people get good at it and what was challenging becomes a boring farm. It’s the difference between being carried through an Abyssal dungeon by a party that’s overgeared and doing one one in a group with appropriate level: one’s easy and boring and the other is a test of your skills.

For this group of people, the only way to have fun is to “keep up” so they can have the excitement of figuring out raids with other people. With the way lost ark is set up, it takes a ridiculous amount of solo grind to be able get this experience of actually being able to have a challenging raid experience. And the original poster (and many others) are deciding that with the way lost ark is setup, it’s just way too much work to be able to experience this (albeit very fun) challenging raid experience.

As for the OP, unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon due to the f2p model. With subscription based games, since developers get paid per customer, those developers have an incentive to have realistic amounts of gameplay needed to be able to experience content as it comes out: they want a lot of players to be able to experience this new fun raid experience, so they make the grind tolerable. People will be done with it after a bit, but that’s fine, they’ll probably keep their subscriptions until the next update.

But with these a f2p game like lost ark, this doesn’t work: they make their money off whales who want to see content immediately. So if there isn’t A TON OF GRIND that you can bypass with money, there’s no reason for the whales to pay insane amounts to skip it. So their incentive structure is entirely based around making the road to the fun content as grueling as possible.

Which is a shame, since I also find the raiding in lost ark quite enjoyable.

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