Anti bot idea collection

As the name suggests I would like to collect ideas from the community to tackle the bot issues.
Please just list additional ideas with a short con list and explanation.
I hope that we as the community can support AGS with this collection.

Bots are very hard to counter, especially if people support them with RMT.
Anti 3rd party cheat protection hardly works because of how easy it is to bypass (utilizing windows drivers, dll injections etc). People who write these bots are really good in doing that.

Here is the list of suggestion I found on the forum and thought of myself:

  1. Very hard punishment for RMT (very long bans or even perma bans)
  2. Captchas every now and then (combined with a small reward of some silver or gold to solve them)
  3. Player verification via phone or maybe even ID?!
  4. Pattern recognition of player inputs (bots use the same/very similar inputs)
  5. Custom dlls for LostArk

Small con list:

  1. Don’t really see any cons here. People who wanna whale can utilize the ingame shop anyways. RMT user are just too cheap for that and instead support illegal activity.
  2. There are ways to bypass those using cheap labor (captcha is forwarded to someone who solves it for like 0.05$/€). Captchas can be made harder/more creative though e.g. Anti-Bot System Suggestion
  3. Feels a little invasive privacy-wise but accounts here are linked to amazon anyways.
  4. Real players might use repetitive patterns aswell (e.g. fishing/life skilling in general or endless chaos grind)
  5. Kind of hard to implement, cause of the huge variety of hardware on player side. Often hacks and bots use custom system32.dll or similar though. A hash check could prevent atleast that.
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They should make something similar to valorant vanguard where it check drivers for third party programs that might be running and it could make cpu bans or what it called where u can’t create more account on same computer you got banned on this would stop botting as RMT guys would need to buy new pc every time they are getting banned and it will not be profitable for them as they will lose more money than they are earning.

Found this: [Poll] How do you think the bot situation should be solved? - #2 by Kiykiy

Suggesting steam limited user solution.