Anti bot suggestion/idea

Hello Amazon and smilegate,

The problem of bots become very bad for the game. I’m always trying to report any bots publishing gold selling website.

Can you try to add a login authentificator ? I don’t know if this would reduce the number of bots but it would make thing more complicated for them at the very least.

Depending how you make the authentificator you could easily isolate china bots that log at the same time and do the same action.

Create a tool that would detect condition bot alone can do:
-go at a speed that is normally impossible to achieve
-travel through object / blink
-train of bot
-if 10 caracter are doing the same actions at the same time or any other kind of action only possible by bots train

Some people commented on youtube video to get GM logged in specific place in beginner, T1,T2 and T3 location and ban train of bots. It should be obvious to spot.

Your game is great it’s just sad it has soo many bot ruining the economy :(.

Please try to implement anti-bots measure. VPN is good but you are also hitting people that are not bots. Like me I play while working and I need a VPN for my work. So I will need to see if I can use steam link and run the game on a secondary machine. Or use geforce now as a work around…

Anyway hoping you create something that can seriously impact bots!