Anti-Bot System Suggestion

In other MMORPGS there is a system in which the player who suspects that a player is a BOT can request a “test” for him to be performing as a captcha or puzzle, I will give as an example the system used in DIGIMON MASTERS ONLINE in which when selecting a player with CTRL+ and report him by bot will automatically pop up the following screen for the suspicious player
In which it must be solving or it will be disconnected from the server, I believe that a similar system could be easily implemented in lost ark


Honestly this one you suggested is just anti-human system imo.




if youre not a bot…you should have no problem with this.

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… Can you not see how obnoxious and annoying it would be for anyone to be able to walk past you and force you to do CAPTCHA because they’re bored and feel like being a troll?


At the very least OP has given potential solution to get rid of bots… Do you have other suggestions??

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Hahahahaha knowing Amazon’s blatant incompetence to do whatsoever, imagine them being done with the bot problem at some point hahahaha.

Only once a day.

if you do the CAPTCHA then the system should be able to detect that you already proved that youre not a bot.

its not gonna be everytime you meet someone.

you only have to verify once a day.


The present bots? Sure I have a mountain of ideas. My consulting rate is $300 an hour, I don’t work for free for the edification of people on internet forums. You even get a powerpoint with lots of mockups.

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And then what?

Even if we assume, a bot can’t solve this test and gets banned, within a few seconds there ten new bots. And you need someone to manually trigger this test for suspected bot activity. I’d suspect it’d take even longer to trigger such a test and thus maybe ban a bot, than it takes to create new accounts.

Just look at the state of the game at the moment. If we assume it is correct that 1mio accounts got banned, servers get flooded even more (looking at reports from some of the US servers).


  • players will use tis against others just for trolling and other reasons because…well humans (in New World players used automated bans to win PvP wars…)
  • Captchas can very often be easily solved by Bots

The problems with the bots are:

  • to easy for them to farm stuff
  • and especially people buying from sellers

Like I said in another thread:
If it is profitable enough to build some racks and pay staff to run them with some bot scripts and still get enough out of it, there is your problem.

The people running the bots are not there to destroy the game, they want to make profit. And there are still enough people out there saying “I just buy some gold and don’t care about some millions of bots running around and ruining the fun for everyone else.”

Possible solutions (bots will always be there):

  • make it harder for bots to farm what they want to sell e.g. remove gold rewards from main storyline
  • punish buyers harder
  • make trade only available after reaching lvl 50 (yes there will be people complaining, same as people started complaining after lvl 30 chat restrictions)

Just some pure technical approaches will not work and or will not make that big of a difference. Because the counter-measures that the “bots” can use, are cheaper for them.
The bot problem within itself is in the end not a technical one, it is a human problem.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be combination of all.

As you’ve mentioned, the goal is to make it more costly and less efficient for bad actors, making each bans to actually hold some weight.

This combined with stricter punishment on the buyer side should help improve the situation, although as someone who has been caught up in recent irresponsible ban wave, they NEED to actually have a proper system in place to provide proper due process for false positives.

The System can be implemented in several ways if, for example the player receives 3 reports in a row in a certain period the puzzle/captcha would appear, the captcha could only appear in certain areas for example in medrinic monastery it would appear but on a PvP island no, there could be a limitation on how many times a player could report (there already has this limitation in the game being possible to report only 5 times daily)

I get where you are coming from, also from the other thread where we talked.

But it already costs almost nothing and the price wont go up that much. Not through some captchas, not by implementing 2FA…

Like I said in the other thread, follow some posts by like this one allllll:

You’ll get a better idea, of what “we” are dealing with here.
Just 1min searching with your search engine of choice will give you infos, where you can get bots. And of course, this is also just the tip of the iceberg,

they can make in registration phone number and all is done.thes codes are good to.

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I’m not sure I agree with the cost aspect. If each account require legitimate 2FA, not VOIP, or even VOIP, since it does cost money, that’s additional cost per account. That quickly adds up when you’re recreating thousands of accounts everyday. Forcing more sophisticated bot scripting is also additional expense, as I doubt many of the small timers actually build out scripts inhouse, but buys them from 3rd party.

Of course this doesn’t solve the fundamental issue, but more cost and expense means they are forced to sell at a higher price, meaning less incentive for people to buy from them, unlike how it is currently.

This combined with more stricter and responsible punishment against buyer disincentivize people from buying, meaning less demand.

At that point, sellers have to make a decision on whether or not it is even worth their effort to continue, as cost/expense goes up, but since demand is lower, they can’t really make profit to the degree they’d like. That eliminates a lot of small timers and overall bot count, and a lot easier for AGS to crack down on.

Of course I’m no subject matter expert but that is my train of thought, and why I believe every piece of deterrence together can prove to be effective.

Pretty sure if they introduced this, with a one day limit, and 2FA using mobile numbers, it would be incredibly difficult for most multiboxers to adapt. You can disagree with and form arguments against any solution someone puts up, because no solution is going to be perfect for this problem. Many are ignorant of the logistics of the issue, we don’t need to STOP botting. We need to make it very, very hard just so there are fewer of them. You will never stop RMT in western MMOs with gold trading, and you shouldn’t ban people that buy the gold. You just need to make it very, very hard, so there are few willing to do it. If you do that, the gold in the RMT market will become limited and more expensive and the problem will end up solving itself.

Good idea. +1


I agree, that you can almost certainly never stop gold sellers.
But seriously: not banning people that buy gold? They are simply the initial problem.
Yes I’m aware of the fact, that harder punishments are just the solution from preventing people to do something.
But in this case I also have to say, due to their actions they are basically ruining the game for everyone else.

The one thing that I agree with is, that if buying gold from some scammers gets so expensive, that you can just use the ingame shop, then we have a solution.
But we also have to acknowledge, that the prices of the official store are wrong in the EU, because the income for different countries is just not the same across the EU. But the moment you implement stores for other regions, people will go there and buy cheaper stuff via VPN, as they do with several other (digital) goods already.

What I want to point out by this is, to show the complexity of the problem…and either way, someone will not be happy and sadly very often, innocent players will have to suffer the consequences.

Do you or your friends buy gold? Of course illegal gold buyers should always be banned. They are the most toxic part of every mmo community.


There’s no point in banning the buyers. They are not the issue. The issue is the availability and price of the RMT gold. If the RMT gold is less accessible, and more expensive, less people will buy it. If it gets to the point where RMT is less accessible than the in-game shop, then you have solved the issue. Banning the people that buy the gold is just a bandaid, the same as banning the accounts that sell it.

See above. It’s the same as banning the sellers, it doesn’t fix anything. It just stops people from sending/ receiving gold in a certain threshold. They will find a way around it, as they do in every MMO. Most devs know this, and do not ban buyers for this reason. Otherwise you end up banning too many innocent people, like someone being boosted by their friend, and then you have to hire a support team to individually fix every case. Besides the fact that the RMT sellers will figure out how it works, and be able to bypass it, so really, you will only ban innocent accounts after a certain amount of time.

I strongly disagree and I’m with what MLB7 said: people buying gold are up there with the worst that can happen to an MMO.
Because they destroy so much of the game. Form refusing to buy from the official store, thus not paying money that goes back into better development of the game, paying people working on the game (yes also making some company richer). They destroy the economy of the game and they support illegal activities (depending on the game credit card fraud, using illegal programs and so on…)