Anti-botting measures kill it for new players

Recently I’ve decided to switch from NA West to EUC.
To my disappointment most ways to gain gold from tier1 up to tier3 got replaced with symbolic amount of silver. That includes Guardian Raid chain quest.

Honing to ilvl 1370 when people actually do raids for gold still requires tons of gold comparing to how much we can get below that lvl.

You stripped us of ways to gain gold but you never changed tier3 honing to silver only.
After +6 (rare equips) it requires gold.
I feel like I am standing in front of a brick wall. Do I have to wait weeks now to gather enough una tokens? Even if somehow I find people for tier2 raid it gives like 80 gold. Thats like 2 tries of honing.

Have you ever thought what a totally new player asks himself at this point?
Will low gold income be always that way and I have to pay real money for gold to do any progress from this point? Is this the point RMT is the only option?

I know its not that way as I am at 1490s on NA West. But if you are new you might feel like quitting.
I was hoping Guardian chain quest might be a solution for me but you even destroyed that quest line rewards.

What is worse I wanted to take advantage of hyper express event but that one gives no gold till the far end.
The gold is a bottle neck from ilvl 1325 up to 1415. You need few thousands of gold for honing.
Do I lower myself to a point to beg random people for gold now?
At this point hyper express event seems like a huge gold investment. Its not a free 1445 ilvl access.


Yet there are some on here who want to reduce new players gold even more with the removal of UNAs gold lol to combat bots at All costs.

Doesn’t effect them ‘Older’ because they have got legion raids giving over 13.5k each Alt

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Did you play the islands? You got tons of green/Blue selector engraving packs. These are atleast 10k gold in worth. Thats how I ranked my arcanas von 1300-1370. And once you reach 1370, everything goes by itself.

And about the other methods that take away gold: Yes. Its important to save the economy. Otherwise you kill the game for EVERY player. I know that you don’t want to hear that, but thats the only way. Also we have suggested more than often to just make una gold bound forever. That means, he can easly progress his chars to 1370 with una gold while bots cant abuse it any longer.

You know that bots don’t just exist for gaining gold itself. They need customers who pay real money. If gold is blocking your progress you concider becoming a customer. Its 2 edge sword.

On top of that I gave alternative solution. Honing should cost silver only till 1415 where many people parked their alts. You can do guardians with other people there. Easy tradeable leapstones to sell.

In the end, if bots bypass the measures taken and players are the one affected the most. Something is terribly wrong here.
You can say just screw the new players care about the old. With this approach game is going to slowly die. Many old will just burn out coz of repetitiveness, there will be no fresh blood to eventually repalce em.

There are suggestions and solutions that screw every player. Like the AH change. Also the change from Rapport gold to silver is sad.

Yet it is important. Printing gold is way to harmful and overall, getting rid of print gold is helping newer and older players because our prices would become normal again (like when we got the gold frog).

But like I said on other posts: You don’t have to take the gold away. Just make it permanently account bound and let people use it for honing and quality upgrades etc. Everything that doesn’t include the auction house or player to player transaction. So new players still get their ~20k from rapport and guardian quests + una while the market doesn’t get flooded by printed gold from bots.

I don’t see a problem here. yes, its ofc not optimal but everyone needs gold for honing / quality upgrade etc. So its not like it would be dead gold for real player

they removed the raw gold required from the honing. but ya would love to see a change in plan with the bots rather than putting the burden on the players. it has not been effective