Antibot achievement

What do you think about this ?

Just confirm that T1 is tuturial and make that finishing tuturial will grant access to market and e-mail.

  • kill all T1 guardians
  • do all T1 abys raids
  • finish lullaby storyline
  • win 1 pvp match
  • kill 1 worldboss
  • finish 1 adventure isle
  • get 1 friend
  • make dotation to the guild

Maybe other things that normal players can do easly but bots will have problem with.


At T3 I still haven’t done some of those things…

  • win 1 pvp match
  • get 1 friend
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That’s actually a big brain with guild. I mean, bots will be just creating new guilds over and over again, but T1 abyss raid, especially rohendel should be good enough I guess.

i disagree with forcing people to pvp, while i enjoy pvp in the game i’m aware that many people really do not and requiring it to access market kinda would suck for all those players.

pretty much rest i could agree with but honestly just the abyss dungeons (i assume you meant this as there aren’t abyss raids in t1) would be enough to slow down bots a lot since botting stuff like rohendel king fight may be rough. problem then becomes that the bots can just get to 960 ish ilvl and gearcheck rohendel abyss dungeon, so maybe require them to obtain the gold reward from it as well since you can’t super over level that.

def need more restrictions to slow down these bots since it seems to take so long to get rid of them

But again. That will require them to cooperate with SG, cause AGS can’t do shit about this. They did all they could. They banned VPNs, cause they only access to the game they have is their authentication servers, everything after that is SG related.
And SG meanwhile was busy making possible for NA NAEU EU to switch their Express character, cause these Clowns can’t read patchnotes.

And it would be very easy to do if you wanted to be active in the market.

You going to carry me in PVP?

Even if you just move to the middle of Arena and spam random Keys you should have min 20% winratio