Anxiety about having everything

No one is happy with anything, it’s like they are angry with something in their everyday lives and then come to the forum to vent to the developers. Everything really sucks. They already wrote an announcement that is not released yet and it will be for next week, they are just anxious to write something in the forum to get the attention of others. Let them do their job. I am not happy with many things either, but after next week there will be something more to say on our part if they do not comply with what they announced, there are many more things to do than just complain that I do not have this, I do not have the other.

The game is barely a month old and they already want content on par with Korea and Russia, when they are years ahead, in 2 months they want to have the same as the others. The game is about fails, they complain about having to deal with 30% now. I can’t imagine what will happen to you when you have to go through the 1%. AGS/SG helpeeeee!

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New to gaming forums? This is common in gaming forums and you also have to realize this is a small portion of the player base.

Most people don’t post threads about how much fun they are having, they just play the game. It’s only when you are frustrated about something that you tend to go where your voice can be heard by whomever which is the forum.

Sure there are people complaining just to complain, but there are legit concerns people have and when you like a game you want it to succeed. No matter how stupid their concern might be to you, it means something to them.


AGS/SG have already spoken about the problems they have been having. They said that next week we would have more things to stock up and get past the dead zone, but they are still negative. We also have to put ourselves in the shoes of others, let’s receive what they have promised for the next week and see what happens. Many say that today’s update doesn’t solve anything, no… it doesn’t solve anything because it’s about the next one. One month of release and they want to have everything in the game, neither Korea nor Russia are 100%. So I say, they’re mad because they can’t get past the dead zone, but the 1% zone will be worse than this and they’ll be crying.

So you are complaining about complainers? Got it…

Your trick of complaining about others doesn’t affect what I say. They complain even having had an answer, I complain that even having given them something, they want more. The game has been open for a month and they want all the classes ready to play, I would like the reaper to be here, but I will still wait. More refinement percentage, more stones to max out in days. When they get to 1% they want AGS/SG to put the percentage at 2%. Let them work, don’t just ask and ask. What’s more, they should be thankful that they brought the lost ark to make it global, because otherwise they wouldn’t be playing this beautiful game. Ungrateful.