Any advice for a starting scrapper

Hi there.

Any tips how to build scrapper? Which class engraving is better, is there a big difference in gameplay between the two? Is one of them much better for end game than the other.

I have visited maxroll to see a guide to build them but it doesnt give that much insight on the gameplay.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Both are good, shock is burst dmg and taijutsu is high apm, i would quess taj feels smother for levling… ihave not leveled as shock tho but seems clunky… you can check out atk , benlee gaming and juanj92 on youtube for in deepth quides and gameplay…

Thank you! I am going to use a vern knowledge transfer so no leveling guide needed in that sense. I am going check those channels.

One of the good thing about scrapper is that you can’t really do something wrong

haha, sounds good :smiley: I have a good ignite sorc and it feels awful when I miss doomsday, or some rare occasions both in one cycle :smiley:

With scrapper it also happens to miss something because of the short range bit only hurts as shock bc as tai it’ll be up very fast again

tai scrapper is really fun. got it to 1340 a while ago and its great if you like high apm classes. as said before watch JangJ on youtube. he’s got a good tutorial on scrapper which you can use :slight_smile:

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1462 shock scrapper main here. Just do whatever you like every play style on scrapper is valuable. If u feel like u miss DMG, just wait until 1400+ from there on with a good endgame build you get enough DMG. Also tripods are necessary for that, gems are kinda secondary tbh. But just have fun with the class and figure out whatever you like

1420 alt scrapper here, taijutsu is more common than shock, meaning more expensive accessories also, but at the end it’s come to your preferences, coming from your previous class as igniter sorc probably it’s good to try taijutsu for a change of pace and gamestyle…

Thank you for the advice!

Sounds good, I have a 1340 esoterick striker, is taijutsu closer to that or shock?

Taijutsu is simlar to esetoric flurry.

Shock is similar to deathblow.

Tai you can spam skills without thinking much about them. Shock has long animations so you have to be slightly careful.

And one thing for sure, if you play scrapper especially taijutsu, you gonna miss all those 8 digits crit damage from igniter, LoL

Nah, that is fine. I do like the 25-30 mil crits but I love supporting and rerolling my main to paladin. I just want to have a roster with different type of gameplay :slight_smile:

i really loved playing shock training, as far as i know, you can balance the attack speed and cooldown management abit with spirit absorbtion and adding little bit swiftness so it wont feel so clunky
i think instead of having raw crit/spec build, maybe adding 1 swiftness ring would make it alot fun to play

also yeah, scrapper dont have big radius aoes, very tiny hit boxes…so in pvp and in raids you gotta connect your skills, it can be annoying if the boss is moving alot (Argos for example)

Also, in pvp , i personally changed my build to 750 swiftness/250 endurance, which changed alot,i really started enjoying pvp novadays. i used to play with 750spec/250swiftness but yeah its really clunky and when you got knocked out ,you may get burst to dead till you get up (i am writing this cause in pvp guide its suggested to have 750spec/250swiftness)
so i would suggest you to get used to play fast without letting those sorcs/bards breath at all

Thank you for the reply. I play pvp only with the one char I am honing at that time. PVP is not fun enough for me

i havent watched this vid myself or play scrapper but watched other interviews for classes i had and although these are lengthy they will basically tell you everything you need to know about the class and make your decision

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Just start using Scrapper lat month and i’ve tried both build, currently at 1400

Taijutsu: consistent dps with high mobility, fast animation skills
Shock: burst dmg with low mobility, long animation lock

both are fun to use and strong. Imo Taijutsu is good into everything while shock you kinda need to know the raids / boss pattern to do ur attacks to get optimal dmg output

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Wait what???

The word taijutsu is well known in the west since Naruto. :laughing: The only reason i could think of.