Any advice on how to not lose interest?

Yeah I’m gonna be honest here.
I’m losing motivation to play as well. I didn’t realize there really wasn’t open world pvp – except islands a small group of people occasionally camp with their guildmates and kill someone.
I keep asking myself…whats the point of hitting max ilevel? Is there even a max? What’s the purpose?
Having to rotate chaos dungeons 2 times a day on every character, as well as raids…feels…like a bore and a chore.
I feel pressured to buy items from maris shop to keep up with everyone, I also feel pressure to buy gold. Skins are overpriced…Everything is just blah.
I’m starting to feel like there’s no point, and it’s making me really sad.
The server I’m on no one hangs out – like you know how in WoW people stand outside to duel and be social? There’s absolutely none of that.
It doesn’t feel like a community.
The pvp is a let down to – having no rewards or special gear or like SOMETHING to give that a purpose feels bad.
Like I said, I’m really upset I’m feeling this way because I thought this was going to be my new mmo for YEARS.
Am I missing something? Is there more to do aside from grind for mats on all your characters?


It’s really not going to change much other than adding the legion raids and the occasional event they add.

You will eventually be doing dailies/weeklies on 6 different characters because you want gold and that chance to get some item that will sell well in the marketplace.

That’s grim. :expressionless:

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Once more people make it to punika you might sense more of a community? Right now I feel like everyone is just out and about doing adventure tomes and islands and not a lot of hanging out in punika because a lot of people are not in T3 content yet.

It does get better but the reality of this game is sadly mostly doing dailies and weeklies once you finish the collectibles. I do really like this game but It’s not my “main” game.

Well, the game might not be for you Korean MMOs are known for being a bit grindy the only change will be harder raids being released but what you see here is the standard gameplay loop, as for PvP ranked season 1 will start later this month which you can grind the ladder but also a weekly currency will be added to even normals you can use to purchase honing materials, mounts, titles.

If you’re looking for this to be similar to WoW I think you may be looking in the wrong place.

That’s where the thought process should end. You don’t need to look for reasons to continue doing something unenjoyable. Go find a better way to spend your time.


i totally understand this sentiment. this seems to be the norm after about a month in many mmos. we start to feel jaded & uninspired, then starts questioning why we even log on.

i felt this way about a month in astellia & blessed online, the dev’s horrendous decisions after another, now those games are dead. hoping for LA to succeed here in the west, but the complaints that plague this forum from a-z are so warranted, regardless of what the white knights says.

also, this is one of the most toxic forum that i know of, which adds to the overall negativity i feel about the game’s direction & it’s community.

i guess the honeymoon phase is over, we’re no longer mesmerized by the beautiful pixels & seeing the game through a much different lens now.

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Dw there is a LOT of content coming. If you are burning out its totally fine to put the game down for a while. You do get the afk boost to your dailies after all. They are trying their best to release content but like 90% of it is still not released yet.

Its totally fine to check out for a bit and wait til next patch and log back in when you miss your character. Nobody says you gotta keep up and if all you are doing is dailies then you honestly arent even doing enough anyways.

I think i already replied to you on another thread about this. Ranked is coming with dope rewards, stronghold/lifeskills are nice, unlocking cosmetics and emotes is fun. If none of that appeals to you then nobody is gonna jump out of your monitor to beat you for enjoying other things

I’ve prevented this largely by having little to no expectations for new games.

I’m a realist at heart.

LA is no different in my mind, even though I liked what I saw in beta, I kept a mindset that I’m going to march to the beat of my own drum, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

I mean, I could care less about things like ilvl, min max, etc etc. As long as the game has enough to keep me entertained for the time I play it (which, up to now is around 300hrs since early access start) I just hit 500 on my main and have 5 alts at around 150. Yeah, I guess to some people I suck and need to get guud…whatever :crazy_face:

All that said, I DO feel your angst. Especially when it comes to the community within the game itself. So many newer games are geared towards mostly solo to co-op types of things. There’s little to no incentive for anyone to chat, socialize or interact beyond clicking “accept” or “esc” And judging from most interactions I’ve seen or experienced, there’s little reason to even do so because so many have become mindless zombies grinding themselves into a pulp to get to the next tiers, so they can rinse/repeat the whole process again.

I don’t have solutions for you, since you are well past where I’m at so far with my characters.

But the bottom line is you should never feel pressured to do anything in this game, really any game. If it’s become this much of a drain on ya, I’d say take a break. To heck with keeping up and just come back to it when you miss it. If you don’t, you know that the game wasn’t worth your time in the first place.

This is a Free to Play Game, after all.

Also, it is very toxic intentionally, because of how the economy and the Business Model are designed. Just that rush for 1370 GS alone will have made them Millions in real cash (and also a bunch for the Botters).

This game literally highlights everything wrong with western gaming audiences, and shows why a Korean Grind-Casino game is not good to have over here.

The place is full of kids, trolls, no-lifes, low-lifes, sociopaths, Dunning Kruger symptomatics, Superiority Complex, Confirmation Bias etc.

It is actually a bunch of addicts weaving around their e-peens, pretending they can make it big, in this virtual world!

But now, with the Argos update, even most of those hardcore players start to realize that the only way to be on the top of this game is, who thought it, to swipe. (Not that KR and RU players would have warned us already, but well…).

Then there are also the more average players, still in honeymoon without hitting the real walls yet, and most likely assuming that T3 and beyond will be an easy fly through, like T1 and even a chunk of T2 are at this point.

In a few months, it will be the New World Situation all over again. Clueless Hardcore Gamers will brag about playing 12+ hours per day and tell others to quit (which will happen), and then player numbers stagnate at all-time lows, until even the most deluded people realize that this is not going well.

The only way to turn this around would be for Smilegate to make the game overall more casual friendly, and tone the P2W elements down, even thought the Hardcore Gamers won’t like it.

But building a game for only the 1% of people with no-life or bottomless wallets, will not go well in the west.


One of the next continents already released in Korea (Rowen) adds open world PvP/RvR with two factions.

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Oh yeah i forgot. The new story is going to happen in entirely pvp zones from what i heard

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Iv had several friends quit playing, they just loose intrest and im here every day before and after work just enjoying the heck out of it so ultimately its up to the person…if its not ur thing its just not ur thing.

One of my buddies was tlkn about being board cuz he couldnt lvl his gear much more, i yelled at him yo stop worrying about ur gay GS, sale those matts, make some gold and put it towards lvling ur lvl 1 engravings…then send some to that 1 alt u dont play so u can lvl it up to get more wich will get u more gold to help with other adventures

That is VERY comforting to hear!

I understand what you mean, however we are still missing more pieces of content like Challenge guardian raids, Season 1 is starting soon in PvP which will add rewards from an NPC based on your ranking. Legion raids are very exciting and fun to do (That’s the reason to push ilvl so you can access this content). I think social aspects in general have died, as the years have progressed I notice more and more people nowadays are just extremely un-social and nothing compared to how it was back when I was in my teens. I think we just live in a different generation nowadays.
Try to focus on some horizontal progression too like collectables, adventure books and so on.
My best advice to you how to not get burnt out is don’t have fear of fomo, catching up etc. and play what’s fun for you. You don’t wanna do xyz alt today? Don’t.
This game is a game for the long run and if you’re going to be playing for years, none of the “keeping up” matters.
Try to find a guild or a group of friends that you really enjoy playing with and progress together, raid together. Try different things out and make personal goals.

Yeah they won’t do that. The basic design of the game will stay the same. Honing rates will get relaxed like they were in RU and KR when more T3 content comes along, but the game isn’t going to veer very much away from being a grind/whale game. It will have a smaller but dedicated playerbase in the West, I think. The launch numbers were streamer-driven and unsustainable because they weren’t based on anyone who was bandwagoning in really knowing what the game was.

The community is toxic for various reasons. One, it’s F2P, and they are always toxic. Two, it has attracted a lot of tryhard players due to things like one-shot-wipe mechanics and so on, and they are always toxic. Three, it has a lot of players who played previously in other regions who have lorded that knowledge over the rest of the playerbase and used it to get now impregnable advantages over everyone else, and that creates toxicity in both directions. Four, it has attracted a significant number of really big spender whales, and this increases the toxic atmospghere.

Lost Ark was always going to be a hard sell in the West due to its basic design in terms of how it presents the RNG elements and the very much P2W approach. It was never going to be a game with PCUs of 1m+ in the West for very long. It will settle into a small game like other Korean MMOs here are, which I think is fine with Smilegate because prior to launch they were saying they expected 200k around launch and 60k stabilized. I think there’s a good shot that will come to fruition, really, which means expectations of the developer will be met.

On the OP, just take a break. If you want to come back later, you can, and if you don’t, you don’t have to. It’s all good – play if you’re inclined and having fun, and never because you feel obligated or pressured to play to keep up or what have you – all of that is unhealthy. I’m currently playing on maintenance mode, doing dailies and a few other things on a main and one alt, and then logging off and doing something else. I’ll keep doing that as long as I find it entertaining and appealing, and if I don’t, I’ll stop. Really, that should be everyone’s personal bottom line I think.

I feel you Ivy, im just logging on for the daily login rewards despite hitting t3 lol. at this point I feel like I’ll just go play my other games again. This game feels more like a job than a game.

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