Hey guys, i could find anything about that.I want to know whats the current average dps i should have.

For example, with 1385 you “should” do 1.000.000 DPS
With 1375 - 500.000 DPS
with 1400 - around 1.500.000


I know that there’s a diff between classes, but i want to know if im doing less dps that i’m supossed to do.

Sorry about my potato english.


Its hard to Tell, since It depends on too many factors you have to consider. All my 1370-1385 alts do between 550k and 1m dmg on trixion depending on the class With 3x3 engravings and full lv5 gems having the Most optimal Rotation since i spend a Lot of time researching etc. If youre 1400 and above and do More than 1m dmg i would consider It pretty good, since tripods, gems etc increase dmg by insane amounts.

yea if you’re sorc you should do 2x everyone else , guide fin

Thats Not true at all, sorcs are good indeed but Not doing 2x of Other classes since we dont have the Gear to make it crit all the time etc.

he meant compared to normal classes. Not zerg or blade obv.

We pretty much do though? 15% from crit stat, 25% from Igniter, 20% from Precise Dagger, 25% from Argos set, 7% from Lost Wind Cliff. Slap a level 1 Adrenaline in there or something and you’re at 98% during your burst window.

“normal classes” should all be able to Pump atleast 500k dmg on 1370 With proper Gear, excluding soulfist maybe. 1400 and beyond 1m is for sure reachable.