Any chance about ranked premade? or just give up

I know that was a common topic months ago, and i know all the explanations, korea situation, etc, but imo we should point the game to this region. People wants to be able to play ranked with friends, NOT REPLACING THE SOLOQ GAMEMODE. WE WANT BOTH.

one gameMode/queue and rank/leaderboard for soloq.
another one for party.

Is simple as that…

i cant understand whats the problem here, serisly. You want soloq games? play soloq. You want to play duoq/trioq rankeds? you cant atm, just casual. But if this is implemented, you are not forced to. Every single game out of here has this.

Did they said about that?

They said they don’t want to do it as it inevitably leads to meta team comps, with other classes being locked out. They dont want to deal with that, having yet another thing to balance.

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Rip then, i think they should just add it and thats all, not looking for 3vs3 balance. Even RN its not balanced vs some setups so no sense imo.