Any chance of KR face presets?

While I appreciate the westernization and diversifying AGS has been doing for the game, I would also really like the KR facial presets for our version.

As of now we can’t use KR presets due to missing faces or other settings, and personally I know I would prefer to have the option of picking KR faces along with the western ones instead of straight up removing them.

As of now there’s only 1 or 2 faces resembling KR, and I think people would appreciate a more diverse option.


please i beg you @Roxx

They replied a while ago saying they cant add faces due to technical limitations in the system.

Its bullshit though, because the same day they said that, Russia got new faces added… and Kr has had new faces added a few months ago.

Wasn’t it hair tho?

No. Kr got new faces for warrior along with the normal ears on mage and the new hairs.

Russia got new faces for everyone, normal ears on mage and the new hairs.

So far all we’ve been told is we’re getting the new hairs but got told getting KR’s face preset isnt possible due to limitations… let me find the post