Any chance to bring back the chat mode colors?

@Roxx @Maselbart

For example, if i select Party as chat mode, the color of the text “Party” is white instead of blue. Same goes for “Area”, “Raid” … etc


This is a customizeable option which you can change at any time by clicking the cog icon on the top right of the chat window.

I think he’s talking about the textcolour when you cycle through the different channels via tabulator key… It changed some patches ago to all white…
Is it still changeable? Cuz it’s way more comfortable to look for the right colour instead of reading

Was that a bug or a feature? I hadn’t noticed it.

Not sure if it was intended but i got used to it over the first months… It’s pretty annoying that i can’t cycle channels till it matches the channels colour now :sweat_smile:


we talking about this only showing white, even tho u change it to party/raid?


Yes. That one. If you switch to party it stays white instead of blue. Same for all others

its a bug after the arcana patch. was expecting to get it fixed with last weekly MT but ig gotta wait 6 months like the aura red dot kek


Yeah, it came with Arcana along with invisible map channel on top right corner. They fixed that but i think nobody complained about the chat :frowning:

yeah tbh, I kinda just noticed that like yesterday.

And I play many hours everyday lol


I meant the one at the bottom left:

If you click there and select Party or any other chat mode, the color stays white