Any chance to have this?

Hello guys, anyone knows if Amazon/smilegate will release this skin? Or they will pass/censor? Is my fav gunslinger skin…T.T


They will probably censure it, I would not hold my hopes high honestly. I Also can be mistaken because so far we only got Omen skin’s but knowing Amazon the probability is really high.

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Hey, this is the first gunslinger legendary skin, it might take a bit until we get legendary skins due to them giving out more stats, people really enjoy to take every possible thing and call it gamebreaking and p2w.
A legendary skin is something you work for for month, it’s something special and apparently this is a reason to start an outcry for a small minority, anyways sry for the little rant.
Basically we can view it already in the game due to it being one of the preview outfits, current the legs have been censored but there are also multiple version of other skins in the files, I’d like to check if this one has 2 versions as well for you to be sure but personally I don’t believe we get the censored version, this isn’t what AGS or Smilegates vision of the game is.

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Ohh didnt know the existance of “legendary skins” how did you farm them? By the way, its 100% probably the will censore it??? )):

Thanks for the answer!

Hope not…T___T

Basically how a f2p obtains them is literally with buying them off the auction house.

You obtain them with crafting them, you can pretty much either Dismantle Epic Outfits which we can’t do yet, get an item from the Crystaline aura which we don’t have anymore or with cashing a lot on an rng chest in the cashshop which we don’t get.
And with those mats you can pretty much craft the legendary outfit.

I pretty much assume that because this is kinda the only way to obtain them in other versions they are trying to find a way to bring them to our version, so it might take a while until they did.

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Thank you kindly for the explain, hope they will release the skin soon…and without censor…