Any compensation for the long queue times?

Hey just asking whether we will be receiving some sort of compensation for the long queue times in mari. I feel like this will keep some of the players playing. I’ve have multiple guild mates leaving the game just because of the long queue time and they are feeling desperate about the game state. Giving compensation will at least keep the players happy. The compensation doesnt need to be anything big or helps with honing(because the bots will also receive them), All we want is a fancy cosmetics, mounts, pets, etc. :slight_smile: .
Please consider my proposal for a huge hug.


No compensation, amazon is not as generous as you think. Bot also kind of benefit amazon in some way for the “user chart”

Hey there @Hifoens,

Sorry to hear you keep waiting too long and line up in queues.
Not the experience we’d like to deliver.

So we didn’t really consider compensating in that sense.
Will gladly take your request as feedback on to devs.
Please note I can’t make any promises, just going to make sure this gets escalated.
Stay tuned to our game news, since this kind of stuff gets announced there.
Will update here as well if I get the info.

Thank you for letting us know about this.
We wouldn’t like players annoyed over it, so we’ll take it as an opportunity for improvement.

Hope you folks have a great one,

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all i want is a stable server w/ no que times everytime i play :slight_smile: . But thats not the case. now im on 5.3k Que So Early in the morning because of the Bots Coming in and out of MARI. ahhhh life

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Hey @Amosroy,

Yeah… I feel you. No worries this stuff does stabilize and we are working on having bots kicked.
Still, sorry this is an issue and tampers your experience.

Thank you for letting us know about it.
Hope you have a great one,

Happy gaming!

Yeah something changed with this weeks reset - all of a sudden we have 2k-10k queues on Mari at every hour of the day. Worse than even at launch so something isn’t right…

Queue also seems to move much slower than before - used to be 100 per minute ish, now it seems like we only move up 10-50 per minute.

You honestly didn’t know there were queues? This is the first you heard about this? There are 1000 forums posts about this. WTH are you doing over there. Is this a joke? Lmao.

Specially for people who have crystaline aura subscription. the least u can do is make sure You let us use our crystaline to its full potential.
But that is not gonna happen when there is This and That problem on Server Everyday. we are paying for the benefits u know(Its going to waste). we just want Server’s FIX and have a stable gameplay.

Hey @ChiSOX

We do know sometimes it builds up a little. Not the first time we hear about this but we don’t usually get reports of “inability” to play.
Just here to help.

Ok @Amosroy, fair enough, will let know about this.

Annything else you folks need help with or want to express I’ll be around.


The queues are 1-3 hours long. That’s unplayable unless you can sit at home all day, which shouldn’t be the case. Something needed to be done two days ago and still no official response or plan to fix this. Give us something, how are you fixing this?

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I understand your frustration, enjoy games as well and get impatient with GTAs loading screen, so I do really feel you, but I don’t think arguing about it will help.
How about we team up and give devs info they can work on?

Tell about when it happens, have you tried using your mobile as a hotspot? Works for me.
Have you been to anybody else’s house, see if it works there? Maybe a cafe?

Will wait for your response.


Was that proposed solution to help with the queue size and duration? If I’m using Cox Gigabit in Phoenix I might have a 5000+ queue, but if I use my 4g phone as a hotspot through Verizon (monthly data limit shared with a family), I wouldn’t have a queue? Or wheeled my heavy PC (lots of SSDs, mechanical drives for SQL servers, Plex, etc, backup drive) and monitor (55” TV) down to Starbucks there might not be a queue there?

Or did I misunderstand and those were solutions for a different problem someone mentioned upstream?


It is more than just “builds up a little”. Since Thursday I have at least a 6000+ queue when I try to load - this was in the morning, mid day, evening. When I have an hour or two free and want to play (and use my crystalline aura) and hour wait to start the game. Compensation for paid crystalline aura should be a minimum.

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Hey @asfaraslarry,

Well it does sound bad when you put it like that hehe.
Not really, for example I have a laptop, so I sometimes take it to a cafe and update or play there. A restaurant for that matter, did it yesterday.
But I have taken my huge pc to my friends house, hook it up to the tv and had a “lan party”.
Have a very limited data plan on my mobile and sometimes play the game and it’s not bad.

I mean, not offering it as a solution, it’s for testing purposes. If it’s not your thing no worries, just asking; if it’s in your comfort area to test it that way go for it.

Yes, may have understate it @sookefirefightr, Im with you on this. Still, that’s why I’m here, gathering info to offer something to devs.

I didn’t mean to upset you folks, just trying to gather info.

Hope it helps.

I miss LAN parties. Having a friend show up to play Mechwarrior 2, all proud of his new “voice command” software and yelling out “shut down” at inappropriate times for him. Good times.

My hardware aside, I was just confused as to why my home IP address would/might govern my queue size?

On a related note, why not have a system where we can verify our IP and/or MAC address for priority queuing? My IP only changes after a severe down time, if the turnaround for acceptance could be like 12-24 hours (eventually) that wouldn’t be so bad?

Thanks for considering about this and sorry about people are being mean.

Nothing to “gather” - the queue times are known - 60 min minimum wait today. Nothing to do with network or connections, this is simply Amazon not allotting sufficient resources.

The worst part is these queues didnt exist until the last major update atleast here in mari. Now everyday its a 5-6k queue its stupid. They should prioritize people with aura in queue atleast over people without it.


you do realize the bots have chance to get crystalline aura for free right (like the maintenance compensation)


I understand as CM you have no actual control over this, but this has gotten beyond ridiculous. My last friend just quit the game for good because he can’t even get on to the server when he has time to play. So far, no this has not stabilized, it just continues to become a bigger and bigger joke. The parting shot of " happy gaming" was particularly nasty. I’d be happily gaming if I could even log into this dumpster fire of a game.