Any decent frpg mmos coming out?

Wanted original game to play with magic, dragons, and all other myth type things.

NEW games only please, have had enough of these second hand reworks that half the world has already beaten.

Preferably English games, I suck at human languages and can barely manage the one.


Well when you check lists of upcoming MMO’s: It’s the same list copy pasted since like 5+ years. So the answer is most likely a “no”

Not new exactly, but the newest xpac of WoW focused on Dragon and Dragon magic just got a release window of sometime before the end of this year.

Thanks but that game has kind of burned me out with feeling like a rerun every time I log in anymore. It took a long time but I can confidently say I am done with it now.

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Frogger 2

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Not really, but there might be a promising subscription mmo game coming out. Ashes of Creation, but i am not gonna go overhype about it until it comes out to see if it is actually good or not. At the moment, it has potential, but depends how good their execution.

Throne and Liberty looks pretty decent but I find that combat style hard to get into (why i didnt play FF14) Also don’t know when its coming

ok, so the consensus is no…
maybe if all these whiners would actually get together and be productive, making a game without all the stuff they keep complaining about…

A new f2p game where whales can’t clap you anywhere anytime.

Lost Ark is probably the only one I can remember.

Understandable. I’d keep an eye on it though, it seems like they’re finally listening to the playerbase, but like in the past it could just been them giving players what they want during the last couple patches of an xpac just to go back to the same BS Ion is always on when the new one starts. Other than that, the only other ones I can think of that look interesting are Ashes of Creation, and I have a feeling the Riot MMO will probably be pretty good when it finally releases in like 2024/2025.

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That’s bis but that goes without saying.

gigachad here with neria damn girl u thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal god damn

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May I introduce you to

Its pretty good.

most of the good rpgs are buy to play and not mmos. I wouldn’t even say this game’s an actual rpg, since you’re stuck doing dailies and weeklies mainly.

Fine with a buy to play or even a sub if good game, just not p2w or recycled games. And really looking for something new, still waiting on Ashes but having to keep recreating my account isn’t a promising thing.

Eve online

This one pretty lit too fam

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also a bit old now, and VERY limiting even with a sub, not bad for a turn based game tho