Any Godslingers out there?

Hello guys!

Does anyone knows if with Vykas release the Gunslinger gear changes for 1445+ ilvl?

Maxroll website currently advises for a build with 2x2x2 gear build for 1445+ ilvl as seen on the attachment.

Does anyone know if this will change?

maxroll guide if anyone is interested.

Thanks for any tips!

You go for full nightmare

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Full nightmare is the safe choice. However…

There is a branchthat goes Crit / Spec with no swiftness, but, you go for the Salvation set to offset the loss of swiftness.

I’m not sure how I feel about a full spec build but, as a low ie gunslinger I definitely was more spec focused and felt more powerful.

Then I ran swift and spirit absorb and it’s also nice :joy: and I still do good DPs (I.e beating the random pug people)

I’d have to check the KR inven board about dps difference but iirc it’s super minimal.

hi I follow a guy called named on yt, he’s an ex kr gunslinger moved to NAw, he runs crit spec and no swift but you gotta be incredibly good at dodging cus if u get hit 2/3 your hp gone lol

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Your title caught my eye, haha I love my gunslinger!


Heck yeah! You’re part of the slinger club?

Curious if you’ve also given an Enhanced Weapon Deadeye a try as well?

Both are super duper fun imo

thanks i am suprised i was able to yoink this name too, also can you look into whether this could be a skin in the game? im obsessed rn i cant get it off my mind
take a look mebe? :>

Nightmare vs salvation, apparently it comes down to 3% damage vs 10% attack speed.

Both viable.

Crit>spec/swift vs Crit/spec.

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Currently gunslinger have 2 main build with peacmaker engraving.
Shotgun rapid fire, and bullet rain+catastrophe.
Spec increase rifle and handgun damage.
So before path GS have 3 shotgun skill,and 3 rifle skill. Now with new meta build GS have 4 rifle 2 shotgun and 1 pistol skill. So spec is better than before.
For korean player to swap build they need buy lvl5 tripod piece, lvl 7 gems, and this cost lots of gold, and basicly just replaceing one of the filler dps skill, with little bit better variation. Also if they want go for salvation they need swap acessory also.

With shotgun rapidfire build most GS go to 1200-1400 crit, 500 swiftness, rest is spec
This give around 10% attack speed,and some cd reduction.
New meta build(bullet rain+catastrophe) GS can go to 1200-1400crit, and rest is spec with salvation set.
This give 10 attack speed, so you exchange cd reduction for more damage, and because GS use 7 skill instead 6 she dont nececary need that cd reduction.

If we just compare the 2 set nightmare do more damage at the end game, but that damage can be compensate with going more spec.
Also important to mention, if you want to use the 7 damage skill build, you need to rotate all the damage skill with one circle or you losing some dps compare the 6 damage skill build and this is also the reason why you can see on loawa many top player go for salvation with the new meta build