Any good spot for farming mats for battle HP pots?

Hi, I ran out of HP pots and looking for a good map to farm the mats to craft this pots in stronghold… I simply don’t have enough gold to wear ay 41G per pot on the AH

You can always opt to buy pots from Mari’s shop, which is amazing great value compared to AH prices.

If you are interested in getting into life skills to produce pots, Google search provides plenty of guides and recommended spots for Foraging. Some popular areas include Croconys and Lullaby Island to my knowledge.

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in each zone map on the upper right it should tell you the materials.

I like lullabye island, no enemies and it can spawn the purple flowers.


West Luterra - Medricks Monestary - Freyad Lake TP. Thats best spot i have found for herbs my guy.


Thx all for the suggestions