Any idea about alts and future of game?

Since a daily player, queque survivor from release, still trying to solve game, learning classes, and yet couldnt able to decide for a main because all of them are good. All are good somewhere which I like.
I have lvl 50 artillerist and 50 sorceress, btw real hand made, leveled from 10 to 50, one by one, even with side quests, without ven pass. I spent more time at speech screens, talking to NPC"s, moving around maps, more than playing in real combat like using skills etc. Best fun during quests were dungeons.

When reach 50, met with Chaos Dungeon and said “Wow! now, game is starting!”, then Guardian raid, then Abyss… Started to get a lot fun even so many content but most of them are smilar or copy of each other, but still good.

But problem is I´m an althocolic. And I´m a collector. I want to clear %100 whole Adventure tome as soon as possible (not now). And I want to see all classes in roster and make them 50, and test all in Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Raid, Abbys, solo content, group content etc.

But biggest cap front of that is character slot limit (just 6 where is 15 classes in game atm and will come more of them) and you work for only 1 server. If you think to switch server or region, bye bye to your roster and all your effort. And can I do it again? Hell no. I spent how many hours to collect mokokos in dungeons. Some of them I have to do couple times. (The one opens the door, all slave mobs must survive etc.) No reward can replace that effort even they put red carpet on the road when I login, I already stuck that server. That´s the home. I know high que times, high risk to not get in back fast if you disconnect at evening time but already spent 2 weeks of real life time. And do it again? And again maybe another day, and again in future maybe you found that your favorite neighbour also playing that game and invites you. Like a horror movie already and made me stop farming Adventure tome. Because learned that this game doesnt have a “roster transfer” funktion. And stronghold almost im lvl 15. With lots of alarms in the phone, to not “miss” time. But now, dont care. dropped interest.

A game I waited for 2 years, starting to become end for me in 2 weeks. So, frustrating… As many says : people are ready thirsty to a great mmo, but the one who respect people´s effort and time, not so very expensive and even going a wc in game shouldnt take money. Best part of wow was being not a such game. Because you buy expansion and subs, and keep playing how you wish. Not feel like so limited. Ofc services are expensive like character change, gender change, race change, server change but at least you have a decent solution. And all you effort = achievement, is account wise. Anyhow past is past…

Wondering the point of releasing 15 classes and giving only 6 free slots? Really are they aiming to sell Character Slot Expansion with 800 crystals? Made a fast calculation, just need 40-50€ (euro) to have all classes in my roster. And this is just one server ofc. Required time to level up all or most of them to 50 and adventure tome effort not included.

Then saw the big picture and already drop most of wishes, future plans for the game. I liked game a lot, really but it have a so terrible logic many points that limits you like you are in a cage. You dont feel freedom, you dont feel like “I do as I wish”. So bad situation…

Yes its a good game, very good. Yes we waited it for years, yes this is also like Diablo 4 for many people and mix of some other mmos but since I cant play all classes as I wish and stuck a one server, have a risk to loose or sacrifice whole effort I spent as real life time or invest as real money, whats the point?

Yes there are solutions to test all classes but I dont want to just “test”, I want it in roster to play whenever I want. Even you can have main, can be boring after a very long time spamming same skills, same way, doing same things over and over and over with same class,

I can open in another server/region and “play” any class but why split whole progress? There are already a lot discussion about migrating from a EU region to another… And my review about that subject is almost same as many : Why game force us to waste our time which is so simple to solve such problems?

If I cant move as roster, stronghold level, pets, twitch drops, bought packs, mounts, all mokoko seed I spent hours to find around one by one, hundreds of finished quests… All become pointless if thinking to sacrifice or throw them to the waste basket.

And I someone who want to play all classes same time like me, must pay 40-50 Euro per server? Its like “yes, ferrari is a very good car, but since I cant afford it, I stop thinking or wishing about it. So, game pushes me to that point like since I cant have an account as I wish. Spending more time or investing more can be pointless”.

Look at monetizing : 800 crystal for just 1 class slot per server. just one! Do they want us to spent whole salary to game? How to pay rents, bills, kids expensives, other life costs?

And since I play, will pay 10 Euro for crystalline aura every month because “benefits make sense”. Dont stand front of me and say “its a free game”. All cars are free if you want a “test drive” at that point…

And when see a class, and wondering “how is that class? want to play it” and not having that in roster, really destroys my fun. What is the cost of a extra character slot to the Amazon? Need to have more expensive servers? Just a bussiness for them, but for us, spending real life time with fun. Reasonable prices okej but 40-50 euro not that cheap for a function cost.

I have all classes at BDO, cant create more character because its maxed but had fun to have all of them. And some of them were over 58-62 lvl, some just stopped at 40-50ish and use just for “life skills” but at least I can play them when I want and every hour I spent with them, dont disappear after. thats the point… Isnt 40-50 Euro too much for that small amount of fun? Maybe I wont play that class but want to login and see how skills perform. I cant learn/test a class like you guys just from a video or just going at 26 level and testing at training center couple seconds or minutes. I must run many dungeons, must kill lots of mobs with different skills, by one by one testing, taking notes with pen and paper, making my own charts, finding a build fits my playstyle and rotation. Then compare it how others do. That will keep me busy in the game. Otherwise game is already finish almost. Reach 50, done chaos, all others are smilar logic, copy of each other just different color mobs, done Guardian Raid, at higher tiers, harder bosses in same style, so most of content is copy of each other. Of course they made some bosses and raid which need different tactics to clear it but as a hardcore old wow raider, already seen all kind of tactics to interrupts less than 1 seconds.

I want to test all classes and main 1-3 of them which I will like most, because all classes looks good here, didnt meet a garbage one yet. Cant say “that class is useless or worthless”. Maybe can eliminate male/female gunner and wardancer/striker because have almost same skills to decrease 2 spot cost more but I want to play all, that what collectors do.

And about investing, If I can feel like I will play this game for months or years, absolute I will invest but “stuck to server” logic makes me so curious here. All my investments, effort, stronghold, server, just for one server. We stuck! Trapped.

Why didnt they do that like at BDO? Roster as family (account wise) and keep it outside of all servers, and you choose which server to play day to day, according to situation. Without thinking to loose any progress… If we had that logic in the game, and when some servers were busy, people were able to login more empty ones, we never had any discussion about 3-5 hour queque times. Of course maybe it"s not easy, need a change or rewrite a such a game but if you aim to be nr #1 in the market, you will solve it! Or if you just translate it and doing like a bussiness and earn as much as money in a short time, then welcome to another New World situation 2. One or 2 years later, lets meet here again and discuss the population. Regions, servers they try to open / split now, we will see they work to merge them. History is full of such examples, dont judge with las couple weeks, and EU customers is not same as Asian customers. We can discuss it for hours but already was long, so sorry.

Lost Ark is really good game, but I"m afraid that can loose many people in long period if they dont do positive changes.

Okey, we all accept that Amazon will earn money. Its bussiness. Imagine that if you get 10€ from 1 million people overall world every month just from Aura. A total of 10 million euro per month. Wont be enough to make a better game? Why all are so greedy and selffish in that time? We all die one day. To get 100 $ from 10 people or to get 10 $ from 100 people is better in a mmo where you need active population for group runs? The day when I wait for 10 minutes at queque for a dungeon at wow, I said “this game is dead” and was last day. Dont want Lost Ark share same faith but you are running to that end Amazon, not walking.

Server problems already there, thanks seems like a bit solved or maybe I login late night after work, and at least people have an option that changing region, migrate. But that “stuck to server” situation makes me feel like one day there is a risk that I can face a situation and need to sacrifice or loose all my effort, so if I start to believe that, what will keep me in game? Already stopped farming mokokos, finished looking for Adventure tome, which was very funny at the beginning. But can I do all of that again from zero one day? Hell, no. Maybe you can buy everything in life, but you cant buy the time which is passed…

And already failed my first honing with %90 chance. RNG god dont sleep even late night, what to say, another subject… But I feel like loosing hopes. I dont get sad when loose something, or cant be so much happy when get something like last week. Because stuck to server, stuck to test all classes, need to spent big amount of money to reach my goals etc. etc.

All idea in my head is going around :

  1. Artillerist, made to lvl 50 : Learned it, good class, good dps, good aoe, super tanky but lack of mobility, skills dmg after a while and if target is moving so fast, hard to land much dps. Got it, next!
  2. Sorceress : Wow! Super fun. Big AoE, nice animations, couldnt feel like higher than arti but its good and its ranged! But so squishy as a glass cannon. (Ofc shield helps but still can 1 shot die anytime if boss dont mercy to you. Learned it too, possible main candidate. Next.
  3. Paladin : Still leveling and studying on it, lvl 40. Dps not bad but must see support skills and how to use in action. 2 skills clear trash 1 shot,. I played a Guardian Raid with a pro paladin. He/she didnt let ppl die. Found a shield whenever boss hit me. So “must” have that class in roster and must build one for to help people. Maybe one day, someone need help for a paladin in a low tier activity, can jump in and help them.
    (At wow, I had all roles at max gear, whoever need tank, I had it, whoever need heal, I had it. Whoever need dps, swiss knife was ready to work. :slight_smile:
  4. Bard : same as paladin, top at wishes list and a “must” in roster for me with gunlancer
  5. Wardancer, Scrapper, Soulfist : I really like martial arts style characters, (as mystic/striker grinder at bdo). Used 4 th spot to a wardancer at 25ish, played couple hours but hit box was so little than I expected, clearing speed at dungeon wasnt so smooth at beginning but saw on videos that late game that class shine and have raid buffs, so want to have it! If I bored, can jump in and play some hours and learn more, maybe solve hitbox problem with better rotation or better positioning like on videos.
  6. Mentioned Paladin before but “Berserker and Gunlancer”, impossible to miss or ignore them too. Again, at top of the wish list. Want to see how taunt work at Gunlancer and can it be “life saver” in a dungeon? and Berserker also another OP class which must have. Berserker also was another main canditate but I saw too many around running with a sword longer than themselves :slight_smile: and thought = “if there is too many of a class, can be hard to find a spot later or that class can get nerfed one day” (thats what happened in all other games in time) but still I want to see them at 50 and run many dungeons to feel how they perform / rotations etc.
  7. Assasins : I like them a lot too… Fast hitting, mobility, speed and high burst. Shadowhunter weapons look very stunning, very good, specially demon form… really omg! When server gets maintenance, I play them in other servers to test, but even so, played 2-4 hours in another server which is nothing as an effort, but the sense of effort will be gone, gives negative feelings. Both assassin I wish to play.
  8. Archer, looks fun, solid. Because of playing Artillerist, sacrificed a bit fun from gun classes, but archer and gunner really want to test too. Because most bosses, not so many friendly, but ranged dps fun is different, melee different. And I want to test all.

I really maybe could think to invest 40-50 euro if character slots didnt stay only at one server. And moving to another server one day? Or split your progress (6 class here, 6 class there etc., destroy whole my plans and wishes.

Just a little example : Collect all mokoko seeds in like 10 dungeons by finding lots of hide spots, if someone tell me “do it again”, prob. I will rage…
Sorry was a bit long because was planning to discover some islands but possibility to “change server / region” destroyed all my focus and motivation, I feel so far away to be a “real collector”.

And before you say, I"d say to most of our toxic ppl: I know no one putting a gun on my head to play this game. No one force me. So instead of making such “smart” comments, better to ignore that post.

I wrote so much, because I expected so much from that game and by time seeing like my expectations becoming to feel apart.
Game is good but already has a lot points to discuss or taking negative feedback and amozon seems like dont care now. if one day they release a Diablo 4 with better logic and more cheaper, like old school wow, t.ex buying game/expansion, pay sub, rest of content, creating characters, etc. free and do whatever you want, so I wonder future of Lost Ark.

I wrote a lot sorry and thank whoever read whole complaining. I wrote so much, because I care about that game. If I didnt care, even dont read/write to forums. And sad part is, devs and amazon dont care much, community dont care because they all happy where they are. I dont know guys. feel like a bit sad about situation. What you suggest? What would you do if were instead of me?

so alts are very easy to make and lvl so easy that in your stronghold u can transfer knowledge to alts for low price of 600 gold and 8 hrs of and as ur main progress into the game and unlocks new islands ur alts can also get this knowledge from transferring it for a price so alts are very easy to progress i have 8 lvl 50s and have done nothing to get but pay 600 gold and if think 600 gold is alot just think in Korea 1k gold is less then 1 dollars sooo as of right now char slots are only 12 they messed up big time with the store and saying you can get more then 12 with vouchers sooo i assume over time they will bring it up as in Korea its at 24 and Russia is 18 so it seems you have alot to learn and once it learn it find alts are sooo easy to make in this game its kinda funny. hope that sums it IMO this is the most ALT friendly game on the market right now sucks having to buy char slots but again its F2P game its really small price to pay.

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Fellow BDO player. I feel your pain on the limited character slots. I had been debating day and night over what classes to make with the 6+1 slots I had. But this game is developed by Smilegate and so far, I think AGS and Smilegate have been generous enough to us with freebies (Twitch drops with legendary mount, pet, cosmetics, Twitch prime crystalline aura, double founders pack, and the launch celebration pack with an instrument skin and another legendary mount).

I don’t know if you have played BDO for that long but back in the days when new classes were just rolling out, they were handing out a free character slot coupon for each new class - although they’ve only done that for maybe 2 new class releases, after that it’s always been a sale on character slot coupons. I’m definitely hoping that Smilegate and AGS are generous enough that when they start releasing new classes, they would give some sort of compensation, whether it’s free or earnable char slots or heavily discounted char slots.

When you use a ticket to expand your roster, is it only expand for a char or 6 more slots opens up? I guess it’s for a single char but hope it’s not :sweat_smile:

Each ticket is 1 slot more to use (unlock).

For our release the max for roster is currently 12 slots total (should be expanded in future)

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im sure once new classes come out we should get a ticket and a pass additionally with it, since the classes arent actually new but new for our regions i guess

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