Any Ideas when the December update will come?

If it’s important to your static to have that first time experience together then they would be willing to wait for half the party. If not then I’m sure some scheduling can be arranged to make it work. And if not then it’s incredibly selfish to say “I can’t run it with you guys so I really hope they delay it so no one can run it”

I get that it sucks when life gets in the way regarding holidays but it makes sense for them also to release it the week before holiday weekend to not have it be in the back of their mind during the holidays

After the Servers are stable ofc. Can Take a while according to the Last few Weeks

likely before the holidays because they have families too
if not before then it’s going to be early mid january

if they fix server stability this week it’s probably gonna be the December 14th but if they didn’t fix it they’ll release the 21st I bet on it.

100k gold on the 14th.

I prepared the schedule for my whole guilds made the raid groups accordingly for each members vacations, ilvl, targeted gates etc.

Also according to SG will that west shall be 2 months late with KR by the end of 2023 Q1 (april) i think :

  • January : artist + rowen + inferno Kakul
  • February : Elgacia + hard Brel
  • March : Aeromancer.
  • Late April : Akkan.

Like someone said earlier in this thread : Mark my words :smirk:


Any idea what the Christmas skins will be? (if there will be…) :thinking:

Imagine SG hired a dev to give community feedback that was pin point accurate? Yea… They don’t though, so let Roxx do the job as best they can and deal with inconsistencies with the company itself.

They should delay brel patch to january. read following thread: Just delay Brelshaza till you fix those servers

My guess is December 7th

I would love for it to be December 7th but I feel like it will be the 14th. Fingers crossed for the 7th though.

they said that they will announce when the patch is releasing this tuesday on Dec 6th. So Dec 7 is out of the window.

im 60% for 14th of Dec and 40% for 21st of Dec.

no, they should not

You know the more you ask the longer it takes, trust me I know, artist can’t get here soon enough

Roxx itself is an avatar of a community manager of AGS/SG, she used it as a channel where AGS/SG sends through and receives information to the players and from players. Every comment she wrote or will write is a word from AGS/SG. I have no business with a kind young private person behind this avatar. But I do have contact with the avatar Roxx. Roxx’s job is to deliver AGS/Sg messages and also her job is to deliver players’ messages to AGS/SG.
Till she posts messages as Roxx, I talk to her as Roxx as a community manager of the companies who are responsible for this game and Roxx is the “tool” I can use to communicate with them. AGS/SG try to use the person behind this avatar to keep us on a leash but they forgot that only an immature player can be led by the nose like this.
That’s it.

Bro what, companies release games or updates before Christmas all the time, its literally the most profitable time to do so lol.

I’m marking your words artist won’t come in January, as our current hyper express ends in February and our anniversary is in February too.

Also Elgacia and Brel hard will never be released together, elgacia has 1580 content and brel hard starts at 1540 also kayagnel hard 1580 materials get updated to illiakan materials when he releases so your prediction already wrong.

January 2023: Witcher 3 COLLAB, more events, more skins

February 2023: New class release
anniversary skins, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year
Power PASS & hyper express
Hell clown
Qol Balance patch from KR LOAON Winter that happens December 18th

March 2023: Brelshaza HARD, events, more skins

April 2023: New class release, power pass hyper express

May 2023: Elgacia, elgacia ark pass

June 2023: Spring skins release, new class release, power pass, hyper express

As for illiakan release it depends on smilegate, kr had over a year from brel hard to illiakan release, they would have to give us many events to be prepared for illiakan could come later parts of 2023 or summer 2023

Lets come back next year and see who is right

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of course santa give event :slight_smile:

U do not get this joke LMAO

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