Any iLvl statistic?

Hey, is there any statistic to see player itemlvl of each server ? in KR they have something like this. and i would love to see the % of the playerbase

10-15% >>> 1400+

no data for it sadly. We are missing alot of API features that korea have which is a bit of a shame. The AH API would be great to have and the same for the Character Profile lookup.

Btw on stream with DatModz, Roxx said that API was coming for our version too, she don’t know when, but it’s definitly coming

that’s good news. Last we heard there weren’t even plans so I’m glad that it’s something being looked at. I just want the character lookup feature like this

data will be very unreliable because of bots and rmters

bots will get filtered out by ilvl and idc who is on top. I just like having the data of what folks are doing at the higher ilvls. Basically everyone in the top 100 in korea have thrown thousands of dollars into their characters.