Any Info about Devs working on slow loading textures?


read it sometimes now and couldn’t find any solution for it. Is there anything new for the slow loading texture problem?
If you port somewhere or get out of raids / dungeons the texture need some time to load and people + pets pop up slowly including my own pet, what force me to wait till I can access the pet features.
I think it’s already clear this is no user problem because a lot of people with really good setup and connection got this problem as well. My PC is good as well (AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core, RTX 3070, Game on SSD etc.)

So back to my Question, is this already on the table somewhere? Beside the big problems for EU players this had probably no high prio at first but now where things working most of the time, this could be attacked in the near future :smiley:

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A fix found is that you can disable texture streaming with the -notexturestreaming launch option. You can add it by right clicking the game on Steam, then go to Properties.

Thank you. I will try it out :slight_smile: