Any info is appreciated!

Game is literally broken right now. Has been for almost 24 hours and it is getting worse yet radio silence from the devs and amazon? They all go take the day off?

They acknowledged it on their Twitter about the crashes yesterday and looked into fixing it not sure tho since i haven’t logged on since last night

Yeah they took the day off, in fact they are taking the week off

Nothing on twitter. Complete radio silence is not encouraging. Just say we are aware and fixing it. Dont make us think this is going un noticed. Injust took some time off to play to of course lol

My game isnt broken…

Doubt it

Did they remove the new queue system so you can load at normal rates again and not get froze up/dcd to enter a 15k queue?

Nope, just played it. Its fine.

Game’s fine for me

Bruh, it is Weekend!

Let the Bots enjoy their Farming :sweat_smile:

Finally got in (2 hours) they fixed the in game queue system thankfully (loading screens working ok) but the queue before getting in is going to suck if you drop.

pretty sure they fixed the crashing issues with the small like 50mb patch yesterday at night

I haven’t crashed a single time since that, I’ve done 1325 and 1340 abyss on 3 chars and done chaos/guardians on all my chars with no crashes as well today but yesterday it’d happen on like once per guardian and once per chaos per char

yesterday I saw someone post about going into steam and verifying lost arks games files to fix it. I tried that and it has worked for me

They didnt. I was on this morning and had 2 minute load screens and multiple drops could not play for 2 hours. Came back half hour late r to 7k queue moving at snails pace. So the fix most likely caused the big queues

Again, now the in game issues seem ok. Just dont get dropped! :wink: