Any information about skins?

I honestly don’t like to see how my gunslinger looks like. All the skins (3) are very western boring. Do you guys have information on how often are we going to receive new skins? and is there any intention to release Korean skins or only boring western skins?

They are gathering info dude


Come back in 3 years and you will receive those new korean skins

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you didnt see the trailer ?

these are the skins we are getting

think hes talking about the skins he sees on twitch or youtube that are only available to lost ark korea

Based on our time with the game it looks safe to say the current plan is 1 skin a month.

I agree, but they might make an exception for the summer months when students are out of school rdy to throw more money at the game.

these are from the battle pass, I expected to have shop skins as well

so are these the only new ones or are there more

I dont think so cause you can buy them separately in the store as roxx stated

These are the only ones in the trailer

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sad we had Omen 1 month and a half ago, it seems 1.5 months per skin and not Korean skins yet in sight

It seems theres the fancy clothes and then 1 for Glaivirererer.
That seems to be all until Destroyer patch.

yep thats really sadge tbh

if you want the nice new skins with the pacing this game has when it comes to skins you can probably wait ages

the ark pass is basicly a skin event, so its basicly the same as the monthly rotation but we will see, heard it lasts for about 3 months in kr so would be weird we get nothing new for 3 months

but its not a battlepass, it only appears like 2 times a year