Any KR/RU vets who've played destroyer?

Are there any vets who’ve played destroyer before who can explain why hammer of wrath is so much more popular than gravity training? I was thinking of playing gravity training for the gigabonk but I’m afraid it’s really undertuned or just poorly designed in general - any insights on this?

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Id like to know this too.

Destroyer will be one of my two mainly played characters.

It seems extremely poor tbh. It literally requires you to hit almost every hit for it to be remotely close to hammer of rage build. The only upside to it is the fact that you get super tanky during your identity skill. With the new changes, from what I have heard about destroyer mains on youtube atleast, hammer of rage build is even better than gravity training now.

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the issue basically is that you would currently do more damage using your 4 purple skills off CD and identity only as a filler vs using your identity as much as possible and having your 4 purple skills potentially already off CD during your identity

in most raids you wont really get the chance to pull off your entire identity bonk AND your 4 purples so you’d simply net more dps by using your 4 purples thus buffing your purple skills comes out to being more damage.

technically nothing stops you from using both engravings on destroyer, but it’s also less dps than say adrenaline

look at it this way:

with gravity training, when your identity does around 2.5m per bonk crit, you can bonk like 17x max = 42m damage if all hit and crit

with same ilvl, hammer of rage perfect swing does 32m crit

problem is, in reality, you will hit around 25-50% of your identity bonks or maybe even less because you hit faster the longer you bonk so you lost out on most of your identity damage if the boss moves away

while gravity training does great vs the dummy, it only does like 15-20m average per use in a real situation which is = to 1 weaker purple skill for hammer of rage


ah okay. sounds a lot like surge blade except in this case the surge is something cast over 10s and only really gets value if you get perfect uptime over all 10s.

The instant I heard what Gravity Training did and saw what the identity mode did I immediately dismissed it. Nothing is ever going to stand still long enough for you to fully use it. (Not without doing some kind of murderous PBAoE attack that’ll kill you anyhow.)

Which is a pity, because if it worked a bit like Shadowhunter where you have multiple gap closers to let you stick to them, or it swapped the constant hammering for one stupidly powerful blow? I’d have to check that out.

yeahhhhhhhhhhh. it’s a shame though, bonk mode looks like the most satisfying part of destroyer.

Best bet is to run dual engravings of you want strong bonk mode, only like 10% DPS loss if you miss most of your identity, no DPS loss if you land like 70% of it.

Well I suspect it’s like Soulfist’s spirit bomb. It’s rare you get to enjoy it, but it sure is satisfying when you do.

Edit: It’s going to come down to knowing when you can get away with it (or might get away with it) in the bosses attack routine.