Any mods around here?

NA-Unterstützung ist nicht vorhanden, also habe ich Google übersetzt, tut mir leid, wenn es nicht korrekt ist, aber hat der Mod in dieser Region ein Update über die Serverstabilität?

i dont think they work on weekends

would seem so. thank you

  1. Weekend and 2. its after Midnight here

I knew it was a long shot :slight_smile: Mainly just wanted to see if response time was any better over here in the long run

in the longrun we have the lovely @Maselbart

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Heyho, I put this thread into the EN section and changed the title. I am super sorry, but due to fairness of languages and people who can’t speak English, I need to keep the German section in the German language.

Regarding the DC issue, yeah it was a bit late and also weekend (everyone needs a break) so far no updates on the issue I know of, yet if there’s an update don’t worry it’ll be posted asap :slight_smile:

could u check my post please i need ur help

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Sorry das klingt wie hohn, es gibt Probleme und es ist kurz vor reset, man traut sich gar nicht valtan und Co zu machen. Ich bin allein am wochenende unzählige Male rausgeflogen bzw der ladebalken blieb stecken. Wie sollen wir da vernünftig spielen?

Und ja ich spiele euc auf asta

Maselbart is very active, but he knows as much as the other CMs most likely xD

I think it’s a typo and he meant “if there’s a solution” :wink:

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calm down he obviously used the wrong word by accident.

Ahhh that happens when I am not fueled enough with my precious coffee…

I meant to write “an update to the issue” and my brain just turned it into “yeah Issue, works, it’ll be fine” :smiley:

I sorry I corrected it and it should be clear now :slight_smile:


why are you on purpose ignoring the threads about the shadowhunter? What are you? Ostrichs? Like trying to bury your head under the sand hoping none will notice? Be at least professional and give us community an answer. It’s really embarassing for you

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whoa bruh, that went a little too far. Not saying ur wrong. However, he is a german CM in charge of the German part of the forum. He did reply to the shadowhunter situation for the german side and still investigating. Roxx i dunno why hasnt participate in this.

it’s not acceptable to be honest. This is exactly what they are doing. I didn’t offend him anyhow, I just replied to him because he was active recently. Could’ve been him or any other. nothing personal against them but they are just being extremely unprofessional.

He doesnt ignore it, he actually talked about it in a german thread.

The only one ignoring the issue is Roxx. Who should be the one talking about it to the general audience and not Maselbart whose responsibility is mainly the german players.

Lol I honestly think they just fired all the community managers and are just letting this forum be a free for all of people yelling into the void. Look at the Dev tracker there is literally nothing on there of substance for months.

Considering Roxx has said its not her job to “patrol” the forums and this new @Official_News, I don’t think this region has any CM support anymore.

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