Any more info about free channel point founder packs?

Hello people!

Do we have any information about the free founder packs in exchange for channel points on twitch?

Are the keys given out NA exclusive?
Keys are region wide, confirmed by Roxx

Are the founder packs given limited or is anybody able to claim them unless you have enough channel points?
if you’ve got the points, you can get the pack, guaranteed. // confirmed by CrownChannel Twitter
They just changed their title to A limited number of Founder’s Packs will be given away each show

Is it just that particular stream?
pretty sure it is

If there are endless keys, are we able to gain access to more than just a single founder pack?

Celebrate the NA launch of the hit game @playLostArk with #CrownArkWeek! Tune in for a week of original programming packed with your favorite streamers and a special performance by @runjewels.

👉 5pm PST Feb. 7th at Download and play Lost Ark Feb. 11th.

— CrownChannel (@crownchannel) January 31, 2022


As EU citizen, I also would like to know, if the handed out game codes are only eligible for NA or globally, meaning Europe too, or any other regions included.

I already spent some hours investigating, without results…

Couldn’t find anything either, sadly.
For now I’ve canceled my pre order, if it turns out it’s restricted to NA only or they just have a limited volume of codes I’ll jump in again.
Otherwise I’d just hate myself if I spent (a lot) of money on something given out for free

below the page where it lists rewards,it shows which achievements reward a certain amount of bronze packs to give away

get a boat, grats 3 bronze to give away and 60pts for your team
fuzzy math they’ll be 3000 bronze packs given away when all 3 teams hit level 4 drops,but event lasts 21days, and if all 60 people do every possible thing, 7140

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Your getting mixed up with 2 different events - your talking about Legends of Lost Ark whereas the packs for channel points is Crown Ark Week on Crown’s twitch channel.

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I think it’s really strange that they would give away packs with channel points. it kind of devalues them.

Maybe its to enter a giveaway for one but the wording so far hasn’t made anything clear.


That would make a lot more sense.

@Gwen I just saw you answering more specific questions about the other Twitch event running.
Do you might have any more answers about this one?

@Purpleshadow I guess I know what channel earns my prime sub this month :smiley:

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They are not giving away the packs with the channel points lol, its a raffle you buy a ticket for the raffle with the channel points

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you got any source?

Is that the right image for the pet? The official twitch drop pet looks like a bird not a fox

because that’s two different things

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So they are giving away a different pet just for watching this channel?

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they do!

Source: Trust me, but you will find out that im right XD, there is nooooooooo way they giving away plat packs to everyone just for staying in the stream

For launch week there will be at least 3 freebies:

  1. Twitch Prime (Prime Gaming) - tbc
  2. Twitch drops from Crown channel (Twitch) - fox pet / founders packs. Runs from 8th Feb - 28th Feb
  3. Twitch drops from Lost Ark streamers (not just the 60 in event) via the Legends of the Lost Ark event ( - battle chest, head costume, bird pet, hooverboard mount. Runs from 11th Feb - March 6th

Maybe there will be even more.


their advert banner also doesnt say “for a chance to win” like the others - gonna be a tad annoyed if i just spent $133AUD for something i could get for free in a “few hours” …

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Do you know if you are able to watch 2 streams and gain progress for drops in both?