Any more info about free channel point founder packs?

I’m slightly confused on what actually happened… if anyone can sum it up for me that would be great. But reading through this thread it sounds like something caught fire and is causing a mess.

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They already changed the title to:
“Ark Week Begins 2/7! A limited number of Founder’s Packs will be given away each show!”

“no raffle” my ass. It’s a cheap attempt to farm subs and bits.

@Roxx is there a cooperation with these scammers?

This sounds more complicated… So is it a scam?

The “scammers” are her boss - its an amazon run tv/twitch channel lol

I am confirming any additional details now, but Founder’s Packs are not unlimited; there is one claim allowed per person, and there will be a limited amount given away throughout the week of shows.

It is not a scam, we are collaborating with the Crown channel on this event, but it looks like the messaging from that account may have been overzealous – we’re working to get clarifications out on their end as well.


Roxx confirmed keys are working region wide
CrownChannel posted multiple posts on Twitter that there’s no raffle and people with enough points would be able to get a key
things blew up, they just made like 1.000 subs on their Twitch channel, then renamed their stream to “limited amount of keys”

Definitely gonna be a lot of people refunding their sub donations on twitch lol, but thanks for clarifying

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  • Crown channel will give out founders packs for channel points
  • Crown channel twitter claims there’s no raffle: "No raffle—if you’ve got the points, you can get the pack, guaranteed. Be sure to tune in! "
  • People start to sub like crazy in order to farm the points early
  • Crown channel changes Stream Title to: Ark Week Begins 2/7! A limited number of Founder’s Packs will be given away each show!


So Amazon has a channel Crown.Tv and they are having an event next week where they will be debuting lost ark content, however they said by watching the stream you can earn channel points and spend them on founder packs. Most people had assumed this was for a raffle kind of deal, but instead on twitter they confirmed it was not a raffle and guaranteed to get a founders pack if you got the amount of points. This led to a crazy amount of people going into the channel subbing, cheering, to get channel points. But now they revealed its limited packs(without saying exactly how much)

Thank you Roxx! Always our guardian angel.

I smell a class action for all the baited subs and bits

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How does this stop bots from farming the packs before many others can get it. Since its from a channel point claim, does that mean we need to compete to claim? Will there be a time we know the claims go live?

When they say there was limited supplies, remember to use this in your appeal :wink:



If anyone else wants to refund, the direct link is here: Customer Support

@Defqon.1 @Serratic @Mizu thank you for the clarification. This honestly feels like it’s going to cheapen the whole Founder’s Pack idea if people can get one via channel points instead of putting down the $100 for a Platinum Founder’s Pack (or however much the others cost). I might still be missing something but why bother to pay for a pack if you can just redeem channel points in the hopes of getting one of the limited packs they are giving away?

I feel a lot better lol.

what happened because im lost

This seems incredibly devious on the part of Crown. I would hope AGS looks into this more than just them being ‘overzealous’.

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Can we get this event moved off the Crown twitch channel? I want to watch these event but will not support by viewing any channel that does such scummy things to pull in donations and subs.