Any News on Inferno Kakul Saydon?

Just wondering if we can expect it after Hard Brel or before. @Roxx

You must be new. AGS doesn’t know what’s happening until the day SG sends the patch notes :rofl:

Currently, Brel Hard Mode is expected to be released in April, before Kakul-Saydon’s Inferno Mode.


State of the game is in Inferno Mode. Why ask more?


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Double the amount of hooks and saws. Let’s go!!! How bout no… No body I know is excited to do clown even now.

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Kinda excited for inferno kuku! was watching ATK go at it for hours. it will be lots of fun

Speak for yourself. My whole static of Inferno enjoyers are looking to this FAR more than Vykas.

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Kakul is actually fun/interesting to reclear. Just dont get g3 jailed and all is good

Says more about the quality of players you know tbh…

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:joy: I swear everytime AGS get a new update from SGR this is what is like rofl.

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