Any news on more genders for the classes?

Or a roadmap about it ?

Think i read smilegate is going to do both genders for all classes…dont expect it though for at least 6 months. Dont think its a rush project

These are gonna effectively be new classes. We’re talking months, not weeks. Each. Considering there will also be new new classes, you’re looking at a long, long time.

Unfortunately their stance is “You’ll find out when we tell you!” with no priority on this roadmap. I love the characters I’m playing but also anxiously waiting for unlocked genders and new classes.

So if they’re just now seeing it, we can expect it sometime around what 2027?

I’m sorry but I’ve been pretty damn upset at the game with how it was released. Tier 3 NEVER should have been in release.

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We know next class to lose its genderlock is berserker.

Nothing said for after. And fem-zerk is not even release yet in korea. so…

Figures devs favorite class in the world would be first. Just take one glance at new player area and seeing that 100% of botters are zerkers tells you the class needs a hardcore nerfing.

mage get popular classes. they do it one by one. zerk is the 3rd, on a 3rd archetype. and yes, probably zerk is the most popular warrior. but blade, or some mage spec could be really popular also… lets time speak

Sorc and Beserker are literally all you see. You see nothing else. Botters are LITERALLY only those two classes.

It’s gotten to the point where I won’t recommend anyone to play anything else. Because why the heck would you play anything else? They’re not as good and you’ll just see yourself get beaten for MVP by a Beserker or a Sorc literally EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DO ANYTHING.

Those two classes are beyond broken and need hardcore nerfing.