Any official answer about the state of the game in EU? The fact that groupfinder is useless and matchmaking works maybe 1 out of 10 times if you're lucky?

Currently EU players

  • CAN’T play any endgame content with friends/guild members, etc
  • CAN’T play with randoms via matchmaking (it literally works less than 1/10 of the time)
  • CAN’T even do solo content cause apparently if you wanna do it solo the “matchmaking” still fail somehow

EU players are FORCED to do content with random groups meaning you might not have a support for an endgame content or you end up with 2-3 or even 4 supports and bumm you just wasted 20 mins trying to get a group and have to quit right away cause you wont be able to do it.

Id like to know what AGS/Smilegate is planning to do about this, cause its literally unplayable once you reach level 50 and god forbid wanna progress your gear…


Just late night issues, during the day it works fine. The server is running on limit, thats the issue. A fast way to move some severs like Asta and Thirain completly on EU West would lower the impact. But nothing is implemented by smilegate. Try to play early at 15:30 around it starts to lag badly but is still playable. In morning 100% save not even a single server sided lag.

16:00 is not late night. Also im working. as most of my friends. That answer wasnt serious from you lol

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at 16 o clock it should be an issue, I do often around this time my Chaosdungeons runs. Try to use this weekend to wake up “earlier” like 10 am with your friends and queue right in. Or find a fix for 1 million people to play a game.

i always wake up at 8 the latest. the problem is with the weekend that more people will play so it will be like a weekday night.
Also not everyone is a kid and can play games 24/7. appreciate you trying to help but leave this discussion pls.

So, we spend hours in queue for this. I relog, my crystalline aura is gone.

yup. today the servers went to shit at 11:30. i could use groupfinder and start a guardian raid at 11. but after that at 11:30 nope. the servers are gone.


Yea this is actually insane that 11:30 am and EU servers are already dying